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Temco Gas Heater

For many people, there is nothing like sitting around the fireplace watching the flames as they listen to the winter wind whistling around your house; this is why many people opt for the Temco gas heater fireplaces and gas logs. They are designed for beauty as well as for heat and can be a beautiful addition to a new or an older home.

If you have room for a standard fireplace, the Temco gas heater has several options for you to choose from. Many use a direct vent system that directly vents exhausted gases out of doors. These come in models that have realistic looking logs and even charring that looks great whether or not you have the fire burning. There are options for different grill treatments to provide the look that you love. You can also go with the models that are slim and modest or those with deep hearths for your larger rooms. The flames are tall and beautiful and the overall look is warm and inviting.

One of the lines of the Temco gas heater fireplace that is really becoming popular is the B vent fireplaces. These are designed to give an impressive visual impact while using a minimum of both wall and floor space. They can go places where you never thought you would be able to place a fireplace before. Many of these include a wide viewing area and ceramic fiber logs. You can even choose whether you want to use glass doors or not, and if you opt for doors, you have a number of different choices. They are designed to be used with either LP gas or natural gas. These are a great value and have a small footprint.

If you want a ventless system, then the Temco gas heater also comes in a variety of vent-free series. These are designed with wider openings, large hearths, and some even include a refractory back to increase the visual appeal. Many of them use 99% efficiency gas logs. There are compact units that stand out less than 15 inches from the wall, so you could even slip one in under the counter or place it in a cabinet.

No matter the size of your room or your decorating preferences, you will be able to find a beautiful option that will provide exactly what you want in terms of heat and visual impact. Whether you prefer vent-free, vented, circulating or radiant heat, you can find an option with the smallest footprint available for affordable prices. Soon, with a Temco gas heater, you will be part of the American dream as you sit around your toasty fireplace on a cold winter's night.

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