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Infrared Tube Garage Heater

One of the most frustrating things during the winter is the cold. The cold weather can make it difficult for you to work on weekend projects outside and even in the garage if it is cold enough. Luckily there are many different ways to heat up work spaces like the garage, a shed or a shop. Infrared tube garage heaters have been on the market for quite a while now. Many people have opted to install these machines in the places they need to keep ward during the cold winter months.

Most infrared tube garage heaters work by using an electrically heated filament as an emitting body to transfer energy to another body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength of the infrared radiation can vary between 780 nm to 1 mm depending on the actual temperature of the primary emitting body. These infrared waves provide the heat that these tube heaters generate. Electrically-heated infrared heaters are said to radiate up to 86 percent of the input energy into radiant heat energy, with almost all of the electrical input transferred to heat by a filament. There are actually 2 different types of infrared tube garage heaters. The first is a “low intensity” heater and the second is a “high intensity” infrared heater. The second, or high intensity heater, glows red during use and should not be used by the average consumer because most models are not approved for residential, and therefore, garage use.

When choosing one of these heating devices it is important to take into consideration the total area that you will be trying to heat. There are many different sizes available, so be sure to choose on that is best suited to heat the amount of space that you have in an efficient manner. Before installing one of these infrared tube heaters in your garage you will want to make sure your garage is insulated. You don't want your heat spilling out into the surroundings and skyrocket your gas bills every month. Both the walls and the ceiling should be insulated to a minimum thickness of 4 in.

In the end an infrared tube garage heater can be the best option when looking to heat your garage. These heaters work better because they don't raise dust or keep dust airborne, making for a safer work environment. These heaters will make you feel a comfortable heat because they do it in a uniform manner.

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