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Ventless Gas Wall Heaters

A popular heating option that has been gaining ground in the last few years are ventless gas wall heaters. These heaters can be installed in your house and do not require a vent system. This makes them easy to install and a more convenient option for many people that do not feel comfortable with more invasive installation that may involve construction or demolition of walls or roofs for vent systems. The only thing that a ventless wall heater requires to run is a gas line. They typically run on natural gas, just like many of the other appliances in your home. The fact that they run on existing materials and are convenient to install have made the use of these types of heaters very common.

One thing to consider before installing a ventless gas wall heater is the size of the room. Since these heaters come in many different varieties and sizes, it is important to choose a model that will match the heating needs of the space where it will be used. The area should be well ventilated since these heaters use a combustion reaction to produce heat. Combustion reactions produce trace amounts of toxic gas and when allowed to concentrate, can be dangerous and even deadly to people and animals in the vicinity.

Another thing to consider should be the insulation of the room. The space that is going to be heated should be insulated to a thickness of at least 4 inches, with 6 inches or more being optimal. When a ventless gas wall heater is installed in a space that has poor insulation they become costly because heat can easily be lost to the outside.

When installing one of these heaters it would be a good idea to also install a carbon monoxide detector at the same time. Ventless gas wall heaters along with other appliances, like water heaters, can produce the deadly gas carbon monoxide and threaten the inhabitants of the home. A carbon monoxide detector will alert you if these gasses ever reach an unsafe level.

Before purchasing a ventless gas wall heater it is important to check local and state laws concerning the use and instillation of these devices. Some states have banned the use of them and other states require that they be installed by professionals. If installing the heater on your own it is important to follow the included directions to prevent any safety issues that could arise from improper installation.

Advancements Of Ventless Gas Wall Heaters

Ventless gas wall heaters are one of the most convenient options for people who don't want any type of construction or demolition while installing a heating system in their houses. Since they do not require a vent system, they can be installed in any part of your house like any other routine appliance.

Ventless gas heaters are not new in the market. Their history can be traced from the year 1881 when the first gas heater was created and used. Earlier, people used to have wooden fireplaces where they used to stack the wood and had to do all the necessary things to make them work efficiently and maintain heat for a long time. They required more effort and fuel, but produced very less heat that was restricted to a particular room only.

Ventless gas wall heaters are their efficient successors which do not require much effort. The first gas heater that came into existence was a gas stove that used to produce a flame as and when gas was released from the valve. The size of flame in such stoves depends upon the amount of the gas released. Innovations continued and more advanced gas heaters came into the market that were more efficient in terms of fuel intake, human efforts, as well as producing results.

The major difference in the traditional fireplaces and gas heaters was that the former used to have chimneys to exhaust the smoke and harmful carbon dioxide was produced in the process of producing heat while the latter did not use any chimneys as they did not produce any harmful by-products. In traditional fireplaces, a lot of heat used to get sucked via long tunnels or chimneys.

Ventless gas heaters are 99.99 percent efficient when it comes to fuel. The fuel gets completely burnt, leaving no residue behind. Even then one must ensure proper safety and adherence to the guidelines while installing them in the house. Consider the size of room, gas supply, and insulation of the room. It is good to install a carbon monoxide detector at the same time so that there is no risk of gas leakage.

Take proper precautions while installing ventless gas wall heaters. They require thick insulation of at least four inches. Along with this, in order to ensure the long life of your ventless heater, maintain it properly. Also, keep a check on gas leakage. These heaters generally last long and continue providing effective heat for many years.

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