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Eskabe Propane Heater

If you have thought about using a propane heater, then you should know that the Eskabe propane heater is a great way to go. These direct vent heaters can actually vent through any outside wall, even if it is 12 inches thick. The outside air is used for the combustion process, and the used gases vent directly outside. If you are looking for great value, this heater has an 80% efficiency rating, which is one of the best ratings in the industry.

When you look around at the different heaters that are available, you usually have to purchase a vent kit in addition to the heater. With the Eskabe propane heaters, the vent kit is included so that all you have to do is cut a small hole through the wall to the outside and install the venting kit. Hook your gas line up to the heater and you are ready to go. You won't even need any special fire-proofing or insulation for the vent kit. The vent is designed as a dual pipe that will bring in the cooler outside air through the outside pipe while venting the hot gases through the exhaust pipe.

If you live at a very high altitude, you can get optional injectors that are available at no additional cost to you. These will decrease the burning efficiency and the heat output, so if you require the high altitude injectors, you will want to purchase the heater a size larger than you would otherwise need.

One of the nicest things about the Eskabe propane heater is that it is designed to use convection to spread the heat throughout the room. The vents are angled in such a way that the heated air circulates across the room, and then as it cools, it drops down towards the floor and is pulled into the heater where it is heated again and sent back out through the room. This helps the room to maintain an evenly warm temperature throughout.

Because there are no visible flames or hot ceramic plaques that are accessible for touching, your family is safe from serious burns. Although the cabinets do heat up, they are much cooler than the heating surfaces in many heaters.

You will also find that the Eskabe propane heater has conveniently located controls including a push-button igniter. Different models have different controls, so you will want to determine what your needs are as far as space, size, and the type of controls that you prefer. By choosing an Eskabe propane heater, you are choosing safety and efficiency along with the warmth that the heater will provide.

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