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More About The Pros and Cons Of Using A Ventless Gas Fireplace

When people build a new house, they are left with so many things to think about, like what should be the paint color, where should you hang all the paintings, and what to install - a vented or ventless gas fireplace. When it comes to making a decision about the fireplace, it is easy to see people getting confused. Actually, there are mixed feelings about installing a specific type of fireplace, so it becomes difficult to make a decision.

In case you are looking for a better option, ventless gas fireplace is the way to go. If you are one of those persons who don't believe anything without having to spend some time in researching, you may want to educate yourself about the pros and cons of installing ventless fireplace. Well, few things you need to understand in this regard.

The first important thing to understand is that installing ventless gas fireplace is much easier as compared to other traditional gas units and wood fireplaces. Moreover, the installation process for ventless fireplaces is much more inexpensive as compared to other vented fireplaces. Another good thing about these ventless fireplaces is that that they are extremely fuel-efficient, as they convert more than 94% of flame into usable heat. In addition, the production of hot flames leads to full fuel combustion, which in turn reduces the amount of soot produced. It also reduces the carbon monoxide emissions.

Another worth mentioning thing is that modern day ventless fireplaces has become much more sophisticated, making them a superior option as compared to other traditional fireplaces. These ventless fireplaces come fitted with oxygen-depletion sensor, which is the reason why you can consider them a safer option. It is due to this particular sensor that gas supply is cut as soon as the carbon monoxide exceeds the safe level.

It is due to all these benefits that many people always opt for a ventless gas fireplace. However, you also need to have a look at the other side of the picture. Actually, there are some disadvantages as well that you need to take into consideration. One crucial thing to mention is that in some states, you just cannot install these fireplaces, as they don't meet specific building requirements. Moreover, there are people who believe that these fireplaces can affect the indoor air quality. They think if there is no vent, the fumes will end up venting into their home. And, lastly, there is risk of having mold and mildew issues. Water vapors are also vented into your home that may lead to condensation on windows, providing mold a perfect environment to grow. Though manufacturers try to convince people that their fireplaces are completely safe and meet all safety standards, some misconceptions are bound to remain.

There are pros and cons of installing vent less gas fireplaces. However, it is easy to say that pros overshadow the cons; especially the low installation cost and reduced energy bills inspire people to install these ventless fireplaces. Now you have a clear picture in front of you, so decide for yourself!

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