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AO Smith ProMax Gas Water Heater

In the AO Smith ProMaxg gas water heater Line, you will find a wide range of options for your water heating needs. There are models that are designed to help you get rebates from the gas utility and others that have high recovery rates for the home with a large demand for hot water. For any home, your water heater is a very important investment, and you want to make sure you make a good choice because you intend it to last for many years to come. You have come to the right place.

If you have a large demand for hot water, whether it is because you have a number of teenagers living at home or because you have frequent visitors, you may be interested in the ProMax Plus High Recovery model. This workhorse can product up to 150 gallons of hot water in the first hour. It is designed to be energy efficient and reliable. AO is known for its extra safety precautions, and this model uses the C3 Technology to protect against the possibility of flammable vapors igniting. The aluminum anode rod is designed to fight against tank corrosion and it includes an easy ignition.

AO Smith ProMax gas water heater options include the High Efficiency line which qualifies for the majority of utility rebate programs and is Energy Star recommended. These models feature FVIR which helps to protect against igniting flammable vapors and also uses the “no match” pilot ignition.

The basic AO Smith ProMax gas water heater is designed with longevity in mind with high quality performance that will give long lasting value. The design reduces Nox emissions up to 33%. It includes the DynaClean II system to help protect from sediment and lime buildup.

The Ultra-Low Nox models feature the Ultra-Low Nox Burner System. This system can reduce these emissions by up to four times over the average gas water heater. They also feature the Enhanced Green Choice Gas Burner which is designed for exceptional safety and long life. This model is also easy to use as a direct replacement with no special electrical venting or venting required and it is easy to install.

In addition, the AO Smith ProMax gas water heater can come in any model as an SL model, or side loop model. This means that they are designed to heat water as well as space – double the work with just the one appliance.

All of the ProMax models are designed to be energy efficient and to effectively produce the quantity of hot water that you require for your family's needs.

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