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Charmglow Ventless Heaters

If you are looking for a heater that will provide heat throughout your entire home, you may want to look into the Charmglow ventless heaters. Whether you are looking for a heater during cold winters or the fall season, the Charmglow ventless heater can provide the heat that you and your family will need. Many times people buy conventional heaters thinking that they all work the same. However, after a few days they quickly find out that their traditional heater is not working properly. One of the biggest problems with heaters is that they do not spread the heat throughout the entire house, and instead only heat one room. If you are in the market for a new heater, you will want to take into account a few factors to ensure you are getting a quality heater that will be affordable and lasting.

To ensure that heat penetrates throughout your entire house, you should look for a heater that comes with some type of ‘blower' system. This allows the heat to circulate throughout all rooms instead of being trapped in the room where the heater is located. With the Charmglow ventless heaters, you will get an electric blower. It is made so it can either be on the heater all the time, or taken off. At times it is nice to have the electric blower off because it makes a bit of a buzzing noise.. However, if you are trying to get heat to circulate your entire home, the electric blower is a vital part of the heater.

Charmglow ventless heaters are great if you have children because the outside never gets too hot. It can produce heat without making the outer surface extremely hot. It also has a great look to it. You can get the same experience of having a fireplace in your home with this heater. It does not take up too much room and actually looks much nicer than other heaters on the market.

This particular heater is easiest to get installed when you contact a professional. If you buy the heater at a store such as Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware stores, they will usually compensate the professional installation. While the heater is definitely not the cheapest heater on the market, the money you spend on it will certainly pay off. This heater will provide you and your family with heat throughout your entire home. It is also an investment; it will last you for several years.

Safety And Charmglow Ventless Heating

A great deal is being said about the advantages of ventless heating systems. Why not, after all there are compelling reasons why more and more people are going in for this relatively novel system of heating. For one, you do away with the monstrous devices like flues, ducts, and chimneys, and second and more important, they cost a good deal less.

That said, we cannot turn a blind eye to the key safety issues that confront these types of Charmglow heating systems. As an example, let us take the case of ventless gas fire places. These work well as long as the installation is properly designed, correctly installed, and the most difficult part, properly maintained during the entire duration of its use. If all these three issues work well, all is fine and you have a great heating system devoid of any detriments. But if any link goes awry, you have an installation that can be a potential disaster. Safety, under any circumstances, must not be compromised. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that all potential buyers must know the common safety issues related to ventless gas heating systems or fireplaces.

Reduction of Oxygen

Charmglow ventless fireplaces are a wonderful addition in your room. But have you taken care to see that the correct sized unit is installed in your room? If you have not done so, you have committed a grave error by exposing yourself and your family to the severe dangers of oxygen depletion. The key principle of ventless heating is that the system draws oxygen from the room for combustion. For this reason, manufacturers always specify the minimum square feet of space required to operate a particular ventless heating unit. If the space is smaller, the heating unit will deplete the oxygen to dangerous levels. Does this prospect scare you away from buying a ventless fire place? There is no need to panic. Discuss with your supplier and install the correct sized unit. In addition, play safe by installing units that have sensors that detect and warn you of oxygen depletion well in time.


Overheating of a ventless appliance or a gas leak can cause fire. A fire creates smoke that can cause severe suffocation due to absence of ventilation. The best way to counter this danger is not to overheat the appliance and prevent gas leaks by safe handling and good maintenance.

Moisture and Mold

Charmglow ventless fireplaces have a tendency to build up moisture and mold in the confined space. The reason is that lack of venting generates considerable moisture. Moisture, in turn, is the breeding ground of mold and mildew that can wreak havoc with the room's furniture and upholstery. Discuss these issues with your supplier or the manufacturer of Charmglow ventless heating system. You can be sure they have satisfactory answers and solutions to all safety issues. After all, there are innumerable ventless heating units installed, most of them working well and to the fullest satisfaction of the users.

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