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Complete information on Natural Gas Garage Heaters

Natural gas is a potent green house gas and is found associated with fossil fuels in coal beds. It has several by-products, and primarily consists of methane. Before it is used for any purpose, the by-products have to be removed. The gas has to undergo processing so as to remove other materials like ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes, hydrocarbons, elemental sulfur, carbon dioxide, water vapor, helium, and nitrogen. The procedure for obtaining this gas is quite cumbersome and intensive. This gas is used for various purposes and is available through piped system to the end users. In this article, we shall discuss natural gas garage heater and share some detailed information about the same. Before we discuss about the heater, let us look at how natural gas is processed.

Natural Gas Processing Procedure

The raw natural gas well is tapped and condensed for water removal. It is condensate to an oil refinery and the wastewater is removed. The next step is to remove acid gases like sulfur, mercury, nitrogen, etc. as mentioned above. There are different procedures for removing these other materials. To name a few, there is amine treating process, Benfield process, Sulfinol process, Claus process, Scot process, Mol sieves, Cryogenic process, adsorption process, turbo expander and demethanizer, fraction train, sweetening units for merox process, sulfrex process, and so on. The final product is used for natural gas garage heater. In fact, it has several other uses like domestic use, power generation, transportation, fertilizer, aviation, etc. It can also be used for producing hydrogen. The utility of this gas is vast and it is a greener alternative in fuels.

Environmentally Safe

It is the cleanest fossil fuel and is safe for the environment. As compared to coal or oil, it produces less carbon dioxide and other pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides. Therefore, it is referred as a greenhouse gas. Heating systems that use this gas are contributing to the environment. This gas is less toxic when released in the atmosphere. Do your bit by using natural gas garage heater . It is also available in other forms like LNG and LPG. LNG stands for liquified natural gas and LPG means liquified petroleum gas.

Types Of Heaters

There are different types of garage heaters like electric heater, hot water garage heater, propane heater, NG infrared garage heater, LP infrared garage heater, and natural gas heater. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. However, natural gas is known to be the safest since it is very light. It is lighter than air and will rise up in the atmosphere when released. It does not mix with oxygen and is very inflammable; hence, it does not pose a threat in case of an accident. The only aspect that you need to consider while buying natural gas garage heater is the ventilation. There should be proper ventilation in the premises to ensure that the gas is not trapped in an enclosed space.

Best features Of Natural Gas Heaters

If you are planning to buy a heater for your garage, you would certainly like to know about its best features. Here are some of the advantages or benefits of the same.

•  No need of electricity These heaters work on piped natural gas and do not require electricity. Thus, they are cost effective and will save your electricity bills.

•  No need of boilers They are self-contained heat producers and do not require any boilers. This again reduces the cost and is energy efficient.

•  Less space Natural gas garage heaters will occupy less space. Moreover, they can heat up a large area and are environmentally safe. The source of gas is clean and so is the result when you use these heaters. We have already discussed how this gas is safe for the environment.

•  Less noise These heaters are quiet and will not make noise. They will not add to the noise pollution of a garage.

•  Multiple utility They have multiple utility and can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can use it outdoors for melting snow and ice from the vehicles. Even if you buy a heater for garage, it can be used inside your home as well.

Natural gas garage heater comes with additional features. You can opt for standard equipment or upgrade it with additional equipment like elbow kit, U-bend kit, all stainless steel construction, and so on.

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