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Information On Mobile Home Furnaces

Nowadays, it has become quite common to find a home furnace in each house. The functions of furnace in traditionally constructed homes differ from mobile home furnaces. Mobile homes are manufactured at a company's production site and then transported to the building site. If you have a mobile home, then the heating as well as cooling system of the house should match the type and size of the house.

How Mobile Home Furnace Works

When a high efficiency mobile home furnace is designed for mobile home utilization, it is made with a modular heat exchanger assemblage, which consists of a drum and several serpentine designed tubes. This modular heat exchanger works similar to a fire chamber. When the hot combustion gases flush in an upward direction, they move through the tubes and heat up the drum and tubes. This is how the room is filled up with hot air.

Consumers choose mobile home furnaces due to its compact size and low price. Mobile homes have smaller air vents and corners, so air circulation is not as smooth as a large house. This is the reason why the furnace for mobile home utilization must be designed so as to suit these special requirements. This is the same reason why mobile home furnaces have different ratings compared to standard home furnaces. Mobile home furnaces must be vented and installed differently than standard home furnaces. So it can be quite dangerous to install a standard home furnace in a mobile home.

Gas Furnace Or Electric Furnace?

Generally, the size of the house determines the actual heating requirement for the furnace. A mobile home owner can choose between a gas furnace and an electric furnace. Gas furnaces have a comparatively higher initial cost, but in the long run, it will turn out to be cheaper than the electric furnace due to the lower cost of gas than electricity. However, if your mobile home does not have gas hook-ups, then adding gas lines will prove very expensive; therefore, it is better to go for electric mobile home furnace.

How To Increase Efficiency Of Mobile Home Furnaces

Energy efficiency and air quality are the two most important points to consider in a home furnace. In this regard, it is very important to place the furnace's inward vents in a way that they are able to function in the most effective manner. If you stay in a very cold climate, then keeping heating ducts around the external walls of the house will enhance its affectivity. For better air quality, it is important to build heating units with sealed combustion. This will help draw outside air without making the inner air polluted. Similarly, all vents must be properly sealed to stop the air from escaping. Above all, the mobile home furnace should be chosen according to the size and type of the house. If the climate is too extreme, then choosing a small system will not be sufficient, as it will not have effective power.

How To Choose A Mobile Home Furnace

Before buying a furnace, it is very important to consider three main aspects – size, efficiency, and price. The size matters here because an oversized furnace is going to cost significantly more. Also, because of its higher size, it will be switched on and off more often compared to a right sized furnace. This continual cycling of switching on and off will cost you more than a furnace running in a steady manner. For this, it is very important to ask the HVAC contractor to perform a load calculation. Load calculation will consider the size of the house, insulation in walls and roofs and various other points according to the required capacity of furnace.

If you go for a high efficiency furnace, it has higher initial cost but is cheaper to use because of less operational cost. High efficiency furnaces require less fuel to generate the same amount of heat. In the long run, they will have less cost burden on your pocket. However, while installing such a high efficiency furnace, one needs to take into account two main issues –climate and your stay, that is, is the climate harsh enough that requires higher efficiency and for how long you plan to stay in that house.

Choosing the right mobile home furnace can be a bit difficult, as one requires the exact size and type of the furnace and make sure that the furnace is made especially for mobile homes. However, after this detailed informative reading about mobile home furnaces, it will be quite easy for you to select a proper mobile home furnace.

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