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Ventless Gas Heaters - The Alternatives

Did you know that some states in the US such as Massachusetts and California have passed legislation to disallow the use of ventless gas heaters? Yes, it is a fact that though these heaters perform better than most other heating systems, they are not completely safe. This is why many people these days in Massachusetts and CA and elsewhere in the country are looking for alternatives to ventless gas heaters.

Why Are People Looking For Alternatives to Ventless Gas Heaters?

It is essential for you to know that the problem lies in the way they work. The heating mechanism works by drawing oxygen from air for combustion, and once the heat is generated it is vented into the room. Now since the oxygen is drawn out, it can lead to asphyxiation. Also, the process generates carbon monoxide, which again is not good for health. Finally, a sealed home with carbon monoxide and low oxygen is a life-threatening scenario.

Alternatives To Ventless Gas Heaters

But luckily, there are some very fine options for you if you wanted to remain safe, and yet heat up your interiors. And these options come at affordable prices too.

Vented Fireplaces : Of course you could opt for the vented variety. Though these are safer, but the heating is not that efficient because a portion of the heat gets vented out of the room as it tries to draw in oxygen.

Propane Fireplaces: These heating systems do not come with the disadvantages of vent less heaters. The fact is, whether it is natural gas or propane, it burns cleanly and there is thus no environmental hazard. They work very well too as the heat is transferred all over the room evenly. You have two options of operating these gadgets you can use them with the electric starter, and there is a manual option as well. Installation is very easy too.

These are emerging as alternatives to ventless gas heaters because there are sensors to detect the oxygen depletion levels. Plus, there are also thermocouples to detect the heat and flame sensors.

Wood Burning Furnaces: The reality is, these furnaces are making a comeback, and one major reason for this is improvement in technology. They are not dependent on power and so if you are living at a place that experiences a lot of outages, then these could come in really handy. When it becomes really cold, and there is no power, these can emerge as really great alternatives to ventless gas heaters.

Not only are these heaters more energy efficient, but they do not leave behind any ash or smoke, as well. Since there is no ash, they are easier to clean too. Remember, you will not need any fossil fuel, and this is what makes this system cost-effective.

Electric Heaters : Electric heaters are also great alternatives to ventless gas heaters because they are both reliable and easy to use. They come in various capacities and sizes so you are sure to find one that meets your heating needs. Electric heating units have inbuilt safety features such as thermostat control, safety swatches that tip over and overheat shutoffs that work automatically. This is a viable option because they are extremely energy efficient and clean. However, they will of course stop working if there are power outages.

With several alternatives to ventless gas heaters available, finally you can stop worrying about safety and heat up the interiors efficiently.

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