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Natural Gas Ventless Heater

Dangerously low temperatures can send a chill down your spine. It is impossible to live without heaters. When the weather drops and goes below zero degrees centigrade, you can freeze to death. A good heating solution is required to maintain an appropriate temperature. One such solution is a natural gas ventless heater. These are better than the vented heaters in many ways. If you understand how they work, you will be in a position to differentiate between the two.

A ventless gas heater will not vent air to the outside of the house. They use oxygen that is present in the room and produce heat, which is directly vented back into the room from the unit. There is no exchange of outside air, thus they are more efficient in producing heat. Most of the traditional heaters are vented because of which they lose majority of the heat. Natural gas vent less gas heaters burn more efficiently than the wood or pellet burning units. Moreover, burning wood or pellets produces smoke that is harmful for you. When this smoke is vented out, most of the heat is lost and the environment is affected due to the emission of smoke. This smoke consists of carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. Here are some advantages of using natural gas ventless heaters.


Eco friendly option Natural gas is a clean gas that does not damage the environment. You can do your bit for saving the earth. By switching to this eco friendly heating option, you will not leave any carbon footprints. This gas burns consistently and produces very little emission. Unlike wood, natural gas does not produce soot or any other by-product due to burning.

Cost Effective Natural gas ventless heaters work at 99.9% fuel efficiency. They help in saving electricity. Moreover, they are better than central heating systems since they do not heat the entire home. You can choose to switch off the heaters when you are not using them.

Easy Refill Natural gas is easily available and can be refilled at a nearest dealer. Moreover, it is highly efficient and you will notice that the refills may not be required frequently.

Portable This heater is easily portable and does not have a limitation of movement like fireplaces or furnaces. It can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table. This saves a lot of space and offers mobility. Unlike fireplaces that have to be built in to a wall, these heaters are portable.

Types These natural gas ventless heaters are available in different types like, wall mounted, blue flame, stand alone and radiant version. Even if you have a power shortage, these heaters can be used in any part of the room and will not let the heat vent out of the home.

Indeed, these heaters can be of respite during the nippy months. They are environmentally friendly and will help you save electricity bills. Natural gas has the ability to burn completely without leaving residue in the form of carbon, smoke or ash.

Some Safety And Maintenance Tips For Ventless Gas Heaters

The key to the functioning of a ventless gas heater is the recirculation of air of a particular area without drawing any air from outside. They usually run on natural gas or propane and are an efficient alternative to stoves which use wood. They are mostly recommended for heating small living areas unlike centralized heaters. So they mostly find application as secondary sources of heating in the house.

Some Safety Precautions While Using Ventless Gas Heaters:

•  Always begin with reading carefully the manual which come along with the appliance. In case of any doubts, it is better to ask the manufacturer directly.

•  Place the heater in a position so that it is away from any kind of explosive material. Even oil lamps and candles should be kept away from the room where these ventless heaters are used. Ensure that furniture and curtains are also away from them and the heater does not come across the path for walking.

•  The room where these heaters are used should not be completely sealed. It is better to open a window slightly so that the oxygen supply in the room is not depleted to dangerous levels. An oxygen safety level detector is also part of the heater to signal carbon monoxide poisoning.

•  If there are any signs of carbon monoxide poisoning like nausea and dizziness , immediately fresh air should be allowed inside the room and the heater should be switched off.

•  In case of any poor functioning, the heater should be sent to a technician for repair. Also, it is advisable to get it serviced at least once a year.

•  Ensure that there are no humidifiers in the room where the ventless heater is used. This is mainly because they leave water vapor in the air which automatically increases humidity in the room.

Cleaning these heaters is also very easy. All you need to do is spray compressed air into the holes of the burner and remove any dust and dirt present through vacuum. The exterior can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.

There are many brands associated with ventless gas heaters. Some of them are Kensington, Universal Heaters, ProCom, Outdoor Leisure Heaters, Comfort Glow Heaters and MASTER Heaters. Although the functioning of ventless gas heaters is similar, their design and look is different to suit different home decors. They vary according to the amount of heat provided, energy consumption and how big the room is where they need to be used. Ventless Gas heaters are highly efficient, easy maintenance and eco-friendly heating furnaces which are useful for a limited heating area. So they should be utilized for relevant purposes alone.

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