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Honeywell Quick Heat Ceramic Heater

Do you work at an office that is freezing cold, or do you have a room in your home that you just can't seem to keep warm? This type of situation is very common, and most people look for the traditional space heater to solve it. The problem with traditional space heaters is that they suck energy and are not cost effective at all. Well with the advancement of technology, the ceramic space heaters are much more cost effective and heat just as well or better than the traditional space heaters. To get a better idea of how these heaters work, let's look at the Honeywell quick heat ceramic heater.

The Honeywell quick heat ceramic heater helps you to warm up a cold room or office in mere minutes. The heater does use electricity to operate, but the ceramic heating elements are much larger so they don't require as much energy to get hot and it gives a lot of radiant heat from the small unit. The ceramic is also much safer. To help you understand why this is, let's analyze traditional space heaters. These heaters used a series of electrical coils that got so hot that they would glow bright red. This was potentially dangerous to the environment around the heater as the heater could easily start a fire if it was tipped over or if a malfunction happened. Ceramic acts very differently than the electric coils do. The best way to think about this is to think about a hot dinner plate. While the plate may get hot enough to burn your hand, it's not going to start any fires because it's a plate and does not have electrical current running through it. This concept is the same for these types of heaters as they are much safer to use and do not pose nearly the threat that older traditional heaters used to possess.

The Honeywell quick heat ceramic heater is amazing small as it is a 7 by 7 inch box. The unit also has several safety measures to prevent overheating such as a backup thermal circuit breaker which shuts off the unit if there is a problem. Other features include an adjustable thermostat to maintain a desired temperature so that you can quickly warm up the room when needed. Honeywell also stand by their product as they offer a standard 3 year warranty on the product to give you the peace of mind you need in order to purchase this great heater.

The last thing we need to discuss is the power savings of this unit. The older heaters of yesterday used to suck your electric bill into the hundreds of dollars a month range. These new ceramic heaters use much less energy and severely reduce your heating costs. Many businesses are providing these space heaters to their employees so that they employees won't bring the energy sucking heaters from home to work. As you can see, the Honeywell quick heat ceramic heater is here to stay and it does a fantastic job. These heaters can be purchased online and found at local stores for a very affordable price.

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