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Bernzomatic Outdoor Patio Heater

The outdoors are a fantastic place to experience, but it can be a little bit miserable when the temperature starts to drop on the winter months. People who live in colder areas often wish they could have a great time outside, but they are usually worried that it will be too cold. Well now you can enjoy your patio in the winter months as well with the Bernzomatic outdoor patio heater.

What exactly is a Bernzomatic outdoor patio heater? These patio heaters stand quite tall and can heat an extended 400 square foot area. How is this possible? The heater looks like a lamp post with a large cylindrical apparatus at the top of the heater. The coils at the top of the heater get heated up through the burning of Propane, which can put out a 40,000 BTU output and last up to 10 hours of continuous running time. The heat is reflected down by the use of the heat shield at the top and the heat radiates around the heater in order to provide heat to the surrounding area.

These heaters work fantastically and are relatively cheap to operate. They put out massive amounts of heat which is really neat as it can make a wintery wonderland seem like a tropical oasis. These patio heaters also have several safety features. These features include an oxygen depletion sensor which will extinguish the pilot and flame before oxygen levels fall to un safe levels. There is also a 100% gas shut off if the flame extinguishes, and a 30 degree tilt switch which will shut off the unit if it is tilted. There is a protective screen which prevents contact with the heat cylinder.

If you buy one of these Bernzomatic outdoor patio heaters, you will be amazed at how easy they are to set up and get operational. There are no tools required in the set up as there is a quick start push button with an electronic igniter. There are also wheels at the base of the unit for easy moving, and the entire heater can be taken apart in minutes for easy and compact storage. Bernzomatic also stands behind their quality patio heater product as they offer a 1 year warranty, high density thermoplastic base which gives the unit superb stability, and it uses a standard 20 LB propane cylinder. The unit is also safe for all outdoor surfaces, including wood, to be able to accommodate any type of outdoor patio whether it is on concrete, or a deck.

As you can see, a Bernzomatic outdoor patio heater is the way to go if you want to stay warm in the outdoor elements of the winter. Many ski resorts utilize these types of heaters as they provide a warm area for skiers to eat, or warm up after a run. These types of heaters are also perfect for large outdoor events like galas, parties, and weddings. They literally allow you to have events outside without having to worry about how cold it is. So next time you have an event outside during the winter months, make sure to get a Bernzomatic outdoor patio heater.

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