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Arctic Sun Patio Heater

In the world of patio heaters, there is one that seems to stand out in terms of functionality, size, and price. The heater I am referring to is the Arctic sun patio heater. This heater is not a full size heater that stands six feet tall, but instead is a table top type of heater. Don't be fooled however by its size as it is capable of producing up to 10,850 BTU. This little heater only stands about 39 inches and will keep old man winter from nipping at you while you enjoy the outdoors on your patio.

The heater itself is a solid piece of work as it has a cast iron base with a stainless steel emitter screen shield. It also has an aluminum reflector dome as well as a push button ignition control system valve. The burner is fantastic as it does put out a large amount of heat and the entire heater can be assembled in only 10 minutes. This makes this type of heater the ultimate companion when in the wilderness camping. You can hike with this thing as it weighs only 30 pounds and collapses into a transportable size that could be inserted into a hiking pack. The little heater can make any campground a warm and welcome place without having to go through all the hassle of finding wood, staring a fire, and so forth.

Not only are the benefits of this type of heater amazing, but the amount of benefits is staggering. Let's go over some of the benefits that this little arctic sun patio heater contains. First of all, it looks fantastic and sleek with its hammer tone finish. The heater is constructed well as it has a stainless steel emitter screen shield to protect from touching the screen directly. The aluminum reflector dome is also fantastic as it spreads heat efficiently and fully around the heater. there is also a tip over switch which will cause the heater to shut down if the unit is indeed tipped over. The burner system has a 100% safety shut off mechanism and the unit is fueled by standard propane tanks. The manufacturer also warrantees this unit for up to one year as far as manufacturer parts go. This can give you the peace of mind that you need in order to be able to get the heat you want in times of emergency and outdoor wilderness exploration.

Instead of freezing your butt off in a campground, or if your power goes out in the middle of January, the Arctic sun patio heater is a must have item. Because it does not use electricity, this device can be taken literally anywhere and provide much needed heat for the sake of comfort and safety. Don't get caught out in the cold without a way to stay warm. Having a system like this provided peace of mind and safety in emergency situations as well as more comfortable leisure situations in the great outdoors. Get your hands on one of these great heaters without having to break the bank. These heaters are low priced and affordable for anyone in need of a heating solution.

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