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Wall Mounted Gas Heaters

Wall mounted gas heaters also known as space heaters are often used inside a room or an enclosed type space. These units can be attached to a wall or may be portable and are often used to warm a designated area of a small size. The fuel they use can be natural gas, LPG or liquefied petroleum gas, butane or propane. There are two different types of wall mounted gas heaters and these are the convective and radiant. With the convective unit this has heating elements which either give warmth to the air directly as in the electric type or heats another product such as oil or gas which warms the air by heat transfer. Surface temperatures in a room will then become heated from the warmed air.

The radiant variety offers heat to a room by way of reflection and works as an infrared unit. This sort of heating warms clothing and surrounding surfaces etc without having to heat a room or other space. These are ideal for outdoor use and in rooms where they may be more open to drafts. Gas has to burn in the air and by doing so produces carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In rooms that have poor ventilation there may be a problem with the build up of these gases due to oxygen depletion causing the gases to become toxic. This is often due to the gas not being fully burnt and this is one important aspect of where they should be situated.

There are units that have a flue which is similar to a chimney; this is used to vent the burnt waste to another area such as outside the house or premises where it is located. There is also a type that comes without a flue and it may be necessary to enquire if this is safe enough for use in an enclosed area where there is poor air circulation. There are many different sizes, makes and models to choose from of wall mounted gas heaters and there are the styles which are made to look like a log fire and these are often mounted inside the wall. These can give an added charm to many shapes and styles of lounge or family rooms and because there is no wood used the room will remain clean.

Other units are mounted against a wall and these are often a smaller size. Most are in the shape of a rectangle and can be quite long or fairly short. There are also those which are almost square in design these can have a flue or be of the variety without a flue. These are also made to suit commercial premises and can be used in many different situations. Wall mounted gas heaters may be ideal to warm any office area and this can be an office in automotive premises or that of a lawyer. There are a number of types of heating units which are made to use on patio walls which can give off quite an amount of heat.

When looking to purchase one of these units then a visit to your local heating expert may be of help, otherwise a check on the internet will locate websites where there are many different styles, makes and models to choose from.

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