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Infrared Gas Heaters

There are many uses for infrared gas heaters. Infrared heaters work by the process of transferring heat by electromagnetic radiation which acts on cooler surfaces to warm them. There are three main types and these are mostly classified by the wavelength emitted by them. These are known as the near infrared or short wave, medium infrared and far infrared which is also known as a dark emitter.

There are two different infrared gas heaters and these are the radiant tube heater and the luminous high intensity. The radiant tube is often used in heating buildings that are for industrial or commercial type business. The tube inside the heater is made from a steel or ceramic product and uses liquid propane gas or natural gas for combustion to produce the radiant energy needed for heating.

The warming is caused when the radiant energy which the tube produces inside the heating unit, strikes objects around the room or area such as walls and floors and warms them. Heating of this sort adds to ongoing warmth and is ideal for large areas inside buildings which may experience sudden drafts of cold air. This is especially a problem in workshop or those types of situations.

This type of heating also warms the surrounding air and is often used on cold nights when people have a party or some sort of get together on a patio. Infrared gas heaters can produce a warming effect of around four to five metres within an area surrounding it. This can add a great deal to the comfort of the visitors on a fairly cold night.

The Luminous heater which is the other gas unit is also used in many business type situations and these can range from the industrial factories where they are placed around an area for maximum warmth. Another is in the automotive garages where vehicle services are done; they are also suitable in logistic and warehouse structures where they are also put for maximum warming application.

They are ideal when used in showroom situations where they help to heat the air for the comfort of customers. Places such as areas on shipping docks which can become quite cold have used these heating units in some of the buildings. Aircraft hangars may have them installed to help with heating during colder weather to allow for better working conditions.

Another place is sporting facilities which are often used in cold weather; this would add a decent warming effect to the atmosphere whether it is a gym, indoor cricket, squash, martial arts or some other type of sport. They are also used for the outdoor conditions on patios, agricultural produce stores or any other similar area where heat is needed.

Some of these products being used for industries are often available from specialist dealers and may need specialised fitting. Items like the outdoor patio unit are available from most companies which stock the electric type heaters or from some grill and barbecue outlets or other stores which sell these products. A search of the internet websites will also bring up places which can often supply many of these products. Infrared gas heaters are definitely worthwhile and highly recommended.

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