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Unvented Gas Heaters

Despite controversy around this type of heater, they have gained popularity as households become aware and experience their efficiency. We trust that this short guide will assist you with your decision on the type and method of installation in your home. Below, we are going to tell you more about unvented gas heaters.

The two most popular types are:

Gas Log fires: These units are the heating source behind most of the ornamental log fires that grace our homes. Cleverly designed to hide the burners, the fires are designed to still allow the burners to start the combustion process by using fresh air.

Radiant Heaters: These are specifically designed for targeted heating and are popular in large and exposed areas as they heat objects and people and not just the surrounding air.

Your choices of installation methods: Mounted on or against a wall: This is not recommended for use on small walls, however this is possibly the safest installation method. Portable or Freestanding: Ease of use is guaranteed, as the unit is made to enable you to move it around in a room or moved from one room to another.

Ornamental: The unvented gas heater units are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, which give users the opportunity to complement their furnishings.

What are the advantages of these units? No external chimney or ducting system is required, making it an ideal source of portable heating in your property. They can be used to warm only specific rooms in your home, making it a user friendly and cost effective product

Only gas is required to ignite and source the continued operation. As no other sources of power are required both installation and ongoing operating costs are lower than other traditional heating systems

Units are available in many colours and styles and can be integrated in almost any decor plan, regardless of whether in a residential or commercial property safety is assured as sensors that will shut off the unit if oxygen concentration is below safe levels and a cut-off switch will turn off the flame if a portable unit is knocked over.

Of course, you do not have the regular chore of clearing out ashes and sweeping chimneys.

Essential guidelines to ensure you operate your unit safely:

1. Always use clean fuel and do not over fill. Never attempt to the unit unless it has cooled down completely. Store fuel safely and preferably outdoors

2. Ensure that you have a window open to allow fresh air to enter the room. If you are purchasing a portable unit, make sure that it has an automatic flame shut off device that will secure the unit if it tips over.

There are also some real disadvantages to these that we are going to be honest and tell you about. Due to the way they operate the units do lead to high humidity levels in the room they are used. But again, this will be taken care of if the room is properly ventilated. Maintenance costs are higher than other conventional heaters; however, the high efficiency levels will counter these costs.

Gas Ventless Heaters are the answer to high fuel bills and are an environmentally friendly solution to your winter cold blues. What do you think?

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