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Wall Gas Heaters

Wall Gas Heaters - Why Would You Want One?

With winter occurring every year, we all remain on the lookout for efficient methods to reduce our heating bills, without compromising on our own comfort and safety. Wall gas heaters are perfect, as you will only need to use them when you are in a particular room, and save on heating costs, especially when there are only a few people occupying the house at any given time.

Gas provides efficient and economical options for heating needs ranging from small rooms or areas in a home to garages or even factories. There are a number of considerations when deciding which unit to buy:

Where do you intend installing the unit?

The position where you install the unit will depend on the size of the unit you purchase. Two main considerations: What output will be required to provide sufficient heat for the room in which you intend installing the unit. Are there other items of furniture and electronics in its immediate vicinity and do you run the risk of causing damage to these if you install it too close to items surrounding it? Do you have an existing gas supply at the point of installation? If you will need to provide a fuel line, ensure that you budget for increased installation costs. However, you can rest assured that you will recoup your costs with future savings due to the efficiency of the unit.

Calculating the size of the unit needed to provide optimum operation.

The output of each unit is measured and marked in BTU's. BTU is an international term used for a basic measure of heat energy and is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit. You should take advice from a reputable retailer or supplier to decide on the appropriate unit for your needs. Measure the area of the room that you would like to heat. This measurement, together with other information; such as the type of in insulation in your property will have a bearing on the calculation of the output level of the unit you should buy.

Can you ensure sufficient ventilation?

Wall gas heaters operate by using the air (mostly oxygen) in the room. It is very important to ensure that you allow space for effective ventilation around the installed unit and in the room. Carbon monoxide is a by-product produced during operation and specifically the combustion process. Maintaining good air movement is important to ensure that occupants of the room do not suffer from side effects such as nausea and fatigue.

There is good news though. With the improvement in technology safety features built into heaters have improved as well. Sensors within the unit will shut if off immediately when they sense that the level of oxygen a room has dropped and poses a risk

Finally a few notes on the advantages of this product: Most units have controls, which the house owner will use to automate its operation. It allows you to programme it to turn on and off at pre-set times, thus reducing energy wastage. As these units are usually installed high on a wall there is very little risk of injury by burning. Common causes of fires such as putting a blanket or item of clothing over a burning heater, are also removed.

In short; if you have done your homework and have installed the correct size unit in a safe environment, wall gas heaters provide you with a cost effective and safe source of heating.

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