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Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

If you are an industrial or commercial company, there are processes that will require screw plug immersion heaters. This type of heater is perfect for heating liquids by direct immersion. This means that the heating element is placed directly into the liquid or gas and then it is used to heat everything that surrounds it. The direct immersion can be used with water, oils, solvents and molten materials as well as gases and air. The heat is generated totally within the liquid or process, which means that the heater is basically 100 percent energy efficient. The processes that can be used include heat transfer solutions as well as all types of oils.

Your engineer or another specialist will need to be heavily involved in the determination of the heat requirements so that you get the right size and type of heating unit. You will also want your specialist to work with the selection of the different materials used in the plug, and the sheath material for the heating elements. Of course, the proper watt density is also a critical issue. This type of heater is used in hot water storage tanks, food processing equipment, boiler equipment, warming equipment, and in pre-heating different grades of oil.

If your company is involved with any of these types of processes, then you know it is important to select the right screw plug immersion heaters for the job that needs to be done. Because the screw plug is immersed in a specific type of liquid or gas, it is important that the proper sheath material is used. For instance, when heating different viscosities of oil, steel is the preferred material, while other materials are better for other types of liquids or gases. In fact, the different temperatures you require will also dictate to some extent what the sheath material should be made of.

Screw plug immersion heaters come in a variety of sizes as well as having either a round shape or a flat, tubular element. The elements are hairpin bent and are welded to the screw plug or brazed into it. You can find this type of heater with terminal enclosures that are standard, for general purposes or you can get optional moisture resistant, or explosion resistant or even types that are both explosion and moisture resistant . Because they come in a variety of screw plug and sheath materials, you can find exactly what you need for your business applications. They also come with convenient sensors that can be used without having to drain the fluid.

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