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Instantaneous Gas Water Heater

For many people who have been in their homes for a number of years, there will come a time when their old water heater decides it has had enough and stops working effectively or perhaps stops working completely. If this is the position you find yourself in, you may wonder about the differences new water heaters have compared to the old one that just gave up the ghost. There are still a variety of types of units that are powered by electricity, natural gas, or propane that you can choose from. If you like the idea of using natural gas, in addition to the traditional water heater that uses a big holding tank, you may want to consider the instantaneous gas water heater.

If you don't know what an instantaneous gas water heater is, you will be excited to learn about this energy saving option to heat water for your home. These types of units are fairly new, although the concept has been around for years and many European countries have used these types of units for a long time. The beauty of this type of unit is that the water doesn't simply sit in a tank, being kept warm until it is ready to be used. The water is actually heated on-demand as you need it. This eliminates those problematic showers that start out warm and suddenly become ice cold as the hot water runs out.

Rather than having to worry about how much space you need for one or even two tanks to hold the amount of water needed to run your household, you can purchase an instantaneous gas water heater that takes up much less space yet provides approximately 6 or 7 gallons of hot water per minute and never runs out. In fact this type of unit is approximately 1/5th the size as your tank-type units. You can even use more than one unit if you have special needs or an interesting home layout that would make it easier to have multiple units.

You may wonder how the instantaneous gas water heater works. The basic idea is that as you turn on the hot water faucet, water is pulled into the unit. The water is then super heated by the burners which turn on as the water enters the system. This hot water is sent to the faucet almost instantaneously. When you turn off the hot water faucet, the burners also turn off and the water valve closes. No reservoir is needed to store hot water until it is needed again, you simply turn on the hot water faucet and your hot water is there for you.

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