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Propane Heater Direct Vent

If your old water heater is having problems or simply can't handle the demand that your household puts on it anymore, then you may be in the market for a new model. As you do some research, you will find electric models, natural gas models, and propane models, all with different sizes of tanks and with other options. You may also find that there are these same options with the tankless variety of water heating units. When looking at a propane heater direct vent is a good way to go.

When using a propane powered water heater, you need to realize that although you have gained energy efficiency and your unit is cost effective, it can be a problem if it is not vented properly. If you have it installed properly, it will work for you for years with no problems as to the elimination of the excess gases. With a propane heater direct vent the gases or emissions outside through a pipe. This direct venting is much more effective than indirect venting. A second pipe is usually there to draw in fresh air for combustion. This is the process necessary to heat the water.

With the propane heater direct vent you get better energy efficiency because the air is drawn in from outside and uses it for circulation within the unit itself. This allows less heat to escape during the combustion process. When less heat escapes, the unit is more energy efficient. Some newer models actually use a pipe within a pipe, which is even more efficient than the two pipe system.

By using propane heater direct vent, all of the bad emissions or poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide are sent outside of the home. This means that the possibility of gas building up inside the home is nil. This is a great safety feature of this type of water heating unit.

As you look at the options that are before you, you will need to determine which ones best meet your needs. The size of your household and the amount of hot water you use will play a big part in the size and type of unit that you choose. You can ask specialists at the plumbing supply store where you are shopping to help you understand energy efficiency ratings and to explain the major differences between types of water heaters as well as the different models. Because this is a major purchase, you want to be assured that you have asked all the questions and received all of the answers necessary to select the proper model for you.

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