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Laars Swimming Pool Heater

For professional swimmers who need to train throughout the year or for people who live in climates where it cools down quite a bit, it can be a challenge to keep that swimming pool warm enough to use throughout the year without using some type of heater. Your problems will be solved with the Laars swimming pool heater. This is a state of the art pool heater that is technologically advanced over other heaters. You can choose the model that uses natural gas or the one that uses propane. It is quite easy to understand as well as to control. By heating your pool, you will be able to use it whenever you want to, day or night, winter or summer.

The easy ignition uses an electric spark, which makes it simple to turn on and off. The controls of the Laars swimming pool heater are easy to understand and allow one to heat the pool and start up the pump filtration system. Simple touch buttons and an easy to understand digital display readout helps one program and adjust the unit. The easy LCD display lets one type in the desired temperature of the pool and that is all that is needed. If the system has technical difficulties, the built in alert will warn you of possible problems. Making the controls user-friendly is one way that Laars has really catered to the needs of the consumer.

The Laars swimming pool heater is dependable and includes 2 and 5 year warranties on different parts. It is great for people on the go because it takes little time to set up and is simple to control. The low Nox is important for the environment because it means that the emissions of nitrogen oxides are minimized. It is designed to be energy efficient and ranks high for this trait. Professional installation is required because of the need to have a new gas line installed. Some reviewers also felt that they got a better price for the Laars swimming pool heater by searching for it online.

All in all, reviewers agreed that the Laars swimming pool heater is very easy to operate and they appreciated the energy efficiency and reliability. It heats quickly and most felt that it was attractive compared to other pool heaters. Others appreciated the digital display which made it easier to operate and keep track of the temperature readings. If you are in the market for swimming pool heaters, then you should look at this one.

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