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Honeywell hz365 Ceramic Heater

The Honeywell HZ365 ceramic heater is a compact electric heater that is highly recommended by people who have purchased it. The 1500 watts of power are enough to warm a specific area, and because it is ceramic, it is much safer than other types of heaters. The housing is plastic and remains cool to the touch and is flame resistant. A digital thermostat with a large LCD screen makes it easy to read and to control with the remote control or with the actual controls which are on the top of the heater and are easily accessible as well as being backlit. The controls are also located away from the heating elements.

You can choose the temperature mode which allows you to specify an exact temperature and the internal thermostat keeps the heater cycling on and off to maintain that temperature within two degrees.. If you prefer, you can choose the continuous run cycle. This cycle allows the heater to run on low, medium, or high until you turn it off. The third mode is fan only, which keeps the fan blowing to circulate the warm air around you.

The Honeywell HZ365 ceramic heater gives you a choice in oscillation features. Oscillation can be either side-to-side which basically feels like a fan that pushes warm air toward you on the in-stroke and then away from you on the out-stroke, or in a wave pattern which is a more constant pattern of heat. The timer feature allows you to set the heater to remain on from one hour as a minimum to a ten hour maximum so that you can have it shut itself off automatically.

The minimal weight of approximately five pounds is a definite plus for the Honeywell HZ365 ceramic heater, since this allows a person to simply pick it up and take it with them from one room or area to another. The easy to grip recessed carry handle makes moving the unit quite simple. The unit quickly heats up the immediate area in about five minutes, which makes it a great way to warm a specific spot. In fact, it is considered instant heat which is provided by the ceramic element. This unit also includes a five-level safety protection system. There is an auto safety shut-off that immediately turns it off if it overheats. There is a back-up fuse that is triggered by overheating as well as a back-up thermal circuit breaker. The motor has a thermal cut-off fuse as well.

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