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Honeywell Radiator Oil Heater

Many people have that one bedroom in the house that is not adequately heated by their whole-house heating system. Others have days when they want to work out in the garage, but it is too cold out there to work efficiently. One solution to this problem is the Honeywell radiator oil heater. This oil-filled radiator is an excellent product to quickly and efficiently heat up a specific area. The construction is heavy-gauge steel with an enamel finish that is rust free. Machine welding is quality controlled to provide leak free operation. The oil that fills this radiator never needs to be refilled.

The Honeywell radiator oil heater weighs about thirty pounds and is very durable. Safety features include a power indicator light and a three prong power cord. There are three heat settings that allow for efficient energy heating options. The temperature set function allows the unit to maintain the desired temperature so that your room remains at the comfort level you prefer.

The Honeywell radiator oil heater uses a timer function with up to twelve hours of run time so that you can set it to turn on in the morning so that your room is warm when you enter it. You can also set it to turn off at night so you don't have to worry about it. The controls are backlit so that you can easily see them. A front-mounted cord wrap makes it easy to store the cord for transportation or for storage when it is not needed. Easy-glide casters are located at all four corners so that it is simple to move from one room to another. I t looks great and is backed by 5-year warranty.

Reviewers who purchased the Honeywell radiator oil heater really appreciated the tool-free assembly with easy to understand instructions. The digital settings are easy to use and work as expected. The unit is very quiet and doesn't get too hot to touch. Customers appreciated the visible thermostat that can be set to keep a room at a constant temperature. The heat remained even and the timer function makes it easy to have it shut off at a specified time. Some of the complaints with the controls were solved by actually reading through the information and understanding that there are three distinct modes of operation and how to use them. Many people felt that using this oil heater helped to lower their overall heating bills and were very pleased with the product.

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