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Galileo Triple Ceramic Heater

If you have been thinking about getting a small heater to help warm up a cold room, then consider the Galileo triple ceramic heater. Three vents send heat out in three directions with the air intake in the back. A digital thermostat doubles as a wireless remote control. You place the thermostat where you want it, near a writing desk or the sofa, and the heater works to maintain the heat at the right temperature where you have the thermostat placed, not just near the actual heating unit.

The radio frequencies used in the remote mean that you don't even have to point the remote at the unit for it to work, and the digital display with handy backlighting makes it easy to set and view the temperature. The remote also controls high and low output and can be set as a timer to begin warming the room at a specified time for up to 16 hours or to have it turn off at a certain time, or both.

The Galileo triple ceramic heater is extremely light, weighing in at approximately five pounds, and it has a small profile with no side being more than ten inches. This allows you to place it on a table or on the floor so that you direct the heat exactly where you want it. Even better, it is backed by a full two-year warranty so that if anything were to go wrong with it you are covered and can get it repaired quickly.

Reviewers felt like the Galileo triple ceramic heater performed as expected and did a good job of quickly bringing the temperature in the room up to the desired comfort level. They appreciated that it is quiet , small, and lightweight, which makes it easy to move around as needed. Because it is ceramic, it doesn't get too hot to the touch. It also has an automatic shut-down mode in case of overheating. Most customers really liked the remote control thermostat and felt that the timer function was good to have.

Some people had a hard time with the remote control for the Galileo triple ceramic heater, but other reviewers said that it really made a difference to follow the instructions exactly, and if that was done there were no problems. The complaint about the timer was that it wasn't set up to be a recurring timer but had to be set daily. It really works well in small rooms such as a bathroom or small bedroom. If you need a small unit to put out a good amount of heat in a localized area, this is a great product.

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