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12 Ceramic Heater Volt

Many people wish they had a little extra warm or cold air in their vehicle or boat. If you have a vehicle that is in good running condition but the heater doesn't work or you have a boat that you would like to have the cabin heated in, then you may want to consider using a 12 ceramic heater volt unit. These 12 volt units often function using the cigarette lighter function of the vehicle if you plan to use the lower setting, but should be wired directly to the battery if you are going to use the 300 Watt heat setting. The ceramic heating unit means that it will not be hot to the touch. You can get ones that mount directly to the dashboard of a vehicle with mounting hardware included.

The 12 Ceramic Heater Volt generally weighs less than four pounds and is very compact. They quickly defrost windows and provide needed heat. In fact, on those extra cold winter mornings you can use the ceramic heater to defrost the windows while your car is heating up. It can even be attached to the rear window in your car to act as a defroster if you don't have a rear window defroster. With a six foot cord they can also be used as a back seat heater if your car has a hard time keeping the back seat passengers warm. With the alternate cooling unit, you get the cool air blowing in the summer time to keep you comfortable.

The majority of 12 Ceramic Heater Volt units are adjustable up and down as well as right and left. Many of them oscillate for better air circulation. These portable auto heaters make it easy to be sure that everyone in your car is comfortably warm during the cold winter months or cool doing the summer months. Many reviewers liked these portable heaters for use in their recreational vehicles during the cool nights or to cool during the hot summer afternoons. They appreciated how quiet they can be and how economical they are.

Many reviewers felt that a 12 Ceramic Heater Volt was perfect for heating small vehicles or areas and really liked the alternate fan for summer use. The mounting hardware was easy to use and the instructions were easy to understand. Installation is simple and the ceramic heater takes the chill off the vehicle in the early morning. All in all, this product can be an economical way to heat or cool your vehicle.

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