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Delonghi Safeheat Baseboard Heater

If you are in the market for a way to heat a specific room in your house, then the Delonghi Safeheat baseboard heater is one you should take a look at. It is an energy efficient heater that comes with electronic climate controls. It is approximately four feet long and is made out of rustproof metal. The adjustable room thermostat can be set on high, medium, or low settings and it provides consistent heat to the room. Once the desired temperature is reached, the unit tests the air temperature and turns on and off as needed to maintain the temperature. If the indoor temperature falls below 44 degrees Fahrenheit, the antifreeze function engages and turns the heater on automatically. It will also shut off if it is overheating.

The heating element uses x-shaped vents which heat the air twice for more efficient heating, and the elements do not glow. The easy to use foot switch turns it on and off and allows one to operate the heat settings without any need for the consumer to bend over. The Delonghi Safeheat baseboard heater runs on 120 volts and quickly sends the heat throughout the area. It can attach to any outlet with its three foot power cord. It is a cost-effective way to heat a small room that is frequently occupied rather than heating the whole house just to keep that one room warm.

Customers who reviewed the Delonghi Safeheat baseboard heater liked how quiet this model is and how quickly it could heat up a room. In fact, most stated that the room would heat up in thirty minutes or less on the low setting. They liked the foot controls and how easy it was to use them. The thermostat did work to keep the room warm, but some wished that they could know the room temperature by looking at the unit. The safety feature of it turning itself off when moved side to side was greatly appreciated, although most felt that with the long, low profile it would not tip over easily.

The main issue that reviewers had was with the three foot power cord. Because it is to be used to heat a small room, it can be hard to find a good place to put it with such a small power cord. However, this did not stop the reviewers from saying how pleased they are with the Delonghi Safeheat baseboard heater and how much they appreciated the energy savings this low-cost heat source provided.

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