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Electric Hot Water Heater

When it comes to water heaters, the electric hot water heater often receives a bad rap. Although there is little actual agreement on which type of water heater is better, it is perceived that the electric units are quite a bit more expensive to operate. However, it really comes down to which type of unit you prefer and what works best for you. Both types of units have similarities and differences, pros and cons. They both perform a similar type of heating function.

One may have seen commercials that indicate that because of the high cost of electricity a gas water heater is a better choice. One of the benefits they promote is the fact that the gas heater can run even when there is no power and an electric hot water heater can no longer run unless you have a home generator. Although it is true that a gas water heater will keep working without electric power, this should not be the only consideration when choosing the type of water heater you want to purchase for your home.

Other concerns that should be addressed include safety issues. With natural gas and propane, one may worry about the emissions that are given off such as carbon monoxide, proper venting, danger of fires and explosions and other safety factors. Other things that come into play may include the availability of a natural gas line in the area. If one has not already been installed, it is cost prohibitive to do so simply so that you can use a gas water heater in an existing home.

With an electric hot water heater, you know that all homes are wired for some type of electricity, so you know it will work. You also get a higher safety rating, with fewer emissions and less likelihood of explosion. Although it is not impossible for an electric model to cause a fire or even to explode, it is more common with propane water heaters and natural gas units. With an electric hot water heater, one generally sees faster heating of the water than with gas, which can be very helpful when you need large quantities of hot water quickly.

As you determine your needs for a water heater, you will need to take into account all of these things as well as the size of tank you will need to meet your household's requirements. You will want to understand the flow rate and other things that make a water heater energy-efficient. A customer service representative at your local plumbing supply store or home improvement store can be a big asset. They can show you industry statistics and ratings and help you come up with the size and type of water heater you will need to meet your needs. You can check with local utility companies to get the rates for both gas and electric power so that you can accurately compare the costs. By doing a little research and asking some questions, you will be able to choose the right electric hot water heater for your needs.

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