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Gas Heaters for the Home

A furnace may not adequately heat your whole house. If your home is older, this is frequently the case. It can be a problem if you live in an area that has cold winters. You want to be comfortably warm in every room in your house, yet you don't have the money to have an entirely new furnace system installed. Some of the options open to you include using temporary gas heaters for the home, more commonly known as space heaters, or using semi-permanent heaters, which are often called in-wall heaters.

If you are need heat in a room all of the time, you may want to look at the semi-permanent heaters.. These can be small gas wall furnaces. These gas heaters for the home are actually installed directly into the wall and can run off of either liquid propane gas or natural gas. You would want to use this type of heater for large areas of the home that do not regularly get enough heat from your whole-house heater. Because natural gas is generally less expensive than electricity, this type of semi-permanent heater is a low cost method of heating a room. The designs of these range from efficient to decorative, and can be an elegant and warm addition to a room.

Gas heaters for the home include natural gas space heaters. This is a more temporary answer to the heating problems in your home. If a room only has heat loss for a short time of the day, or if it is only occupied for a limited time, this is an excellent way to go. You can use these heaters when you need them and they have a much greater efficiency than electric heaters. There are different types of natural gas space heaters, including radiant heaters, forced air propane heaters and natural gas convection heaters.

Natural gas radiant heaters are excellent for heating large spaces. They use heating elements which are exposed to the air. The air is warmed as it passes over these heating elements. This is a gentle method of heating a room. However, you may find that some of the air is not being warmed with this method. Many people use fans with this type of heater so that more circulation occurs and more of the air is warmed. Forced air propane heaters are another style of gas heaters for the home. They have built-in fans that push the air to a specific area. This eliminates the need to purchase a fan to send the air where you want it. However, one drawback can be a noisy fan. This can really detract from the overall effect. Forced air heaters also need to be adequately maintained and cleaned, so that dust does not accumulate on the fan.

The last style of gas heaters for the home is the natural gas convention heater. This type of heater uses coils that heat the air on contact, but the heater itself is not warmed. This gives an added safety aspect for families with young children, as you don't have to worry that they might burn themselves and become injured by contact with the heater.

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