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Electric Tankless Water Heater

If the time has come to get rid of that old water and get a new one, you should know about the electric tankless water heater. Although with traditional water heaters more people prefer the gas ones to the electric to save on money, more people who use tankless water heating systems prefer the electric styles. There are a number of factors that go into making up this statistic.

The initial expense is the first reason people choose an electric tankless water heater over the gas and propane versions. The initial cost is actually several hundred dollars less than the others, which makes people take a second look at purchasing an electric system. Right along with the initial cost is the efficiency factor. The electric systems are rated at about 90 percent while the propane and gas styles usually rate around 80 to 85 percent efficiency. Looking at these numbers, you can expect the electric heating system to cost less over time. These two costs can make a big difference.

However, cost is not the only benefit for the electric tankless water heater. The installation is a piece of cake. Unlike the propane and natural gas versions of the tankless system, an electric system doesn't need any venting to be installed or combustion requirements to be met. Along with installation comes maintenance. About the only item that must be checked for maintenance is the inlet screen filter that must be cleaned. As for the propane and natural gas counterparts, they must be inspected each year to be sure that they are still meeting the combustion requirements and that they are performing as expected.

With any appliance that heats up, safety is an important issue. Unless you have used gas or propane before, you may be a bit nervous to use them. With their combustion needs, there is always a small possibility of fire or explosion. They also tend to emit gasses such as carbon monoxide that needs to be watched out for in the case that the venting doesn't work properly. None of this is an issue with an electric tankless water heater. Most people know how to deal safely with electrically powered appliances. There are no gaseous emissions that are harmful and because there is no need for venting, you don't have to worry that it is doing its job.

With any major appliance, you want to be assured that you won't have to pay through the nose for a major repair. The design of the electric tankless water heater is such that very little repair is necessary. The sophisticated computer controls are designed to analyze and diagnose any problems that may occur. This makes them easy to find and repair any problem that may come up.

Finally, the availability of electricity is a big key to choosing this type of heating system. Most locations have a good source of electricity, although some do not have the same availability for propane or natural gas. If your area has a good electrical power supply, then you are a good candidate for an electric tankless water heater. With all the benefits that have been listed, you can see that this may be a good option to fill your water heating needs.

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