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Troubleshooting Electric Hot Water Heater

If you are having issues with your heated water flow, then you might worry that you need to call in a repairman. However, with a little knowledge and confidence, you will have no problem with troubleshooting electric hot water heater. It may turn out that you won't be able to fix the problem, but chances are you will at least come away with a better understanding about how this vital component of your home operates.

The very first step that should be taken in troubleshooting electric hot water heater included is to make sure there is power coming in. This can be accomplished with a volt meter. If it indicates that power is good, then move on. If not, then tripping the breaker may fix the problem.

Next, it's time to take a look at the water heater elements and thermostat. Securing the power is vital at this point. Make sure you know how to do this and take the proper steps. Once the power is secured, you may remove the two access panels. Check to see if the thermostat reset is tripped, if so reset it and your problem may be solved.

If the problem has still not been discovered, with the power still off, test the different elements with your volt meter. By confirming that these are all working you will know that you do not need a new unit and you should continue troubleshooting electric hot water heater elements.

Now you should check for leaks, clean any buildups you spot, determine whether you have the right machine for your needs you may need a bigger machine than you previously thought. If you are finding the costs for running your unit are too high, it is time to add insulation. The final element to check is the dip line. This is where the cold water comes in; make sure there are no blockages here.

There are many issues that can be overcome with troubleshooting electric hot water heater basics. Sometimes a step as simple as flipping a breaker or resetting an element will do the trick. More often than not cleaning away mineral buildup will have your unit running smoothly again. Just remember that before you try to replace any parts make sure you have the correct pieces for your brand and model. Check your warranties ahead of doing anything drastic. If all else fails or you feel uncomfortable trying to do this yourself, be safe and call in an expert.

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