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Above Ground Solar Pool Heaters

An above ground pool is an investment in both money and time. The good news for homeowners with above ground pools is that there is a way to get the most out of their purchase year after year without constantly having to pay for it. That solution is above ground solar pool heaters. These are a great way to extend the time a pool can be used without having to pay month after month. An added bonus is that this decision is also an environmentally friendly one.

There are many different ways to heat a pool. Some may choose to use a heat pump system while others choose to use the sun's power. The difference is that with the first option, the benefit will be reflected in higher electric bills. On the other hand, taking the steps to harness the sun's power will provide free energy to keep above ground solar pool heaters working for years to come.

Perhaps the most challenging step to installation of these money saving, comfort creating; pool heating devices will be deciding where to place the solar panels. They will need to get maximum exposure to the sun. For many homes, placement on the roof is ideal. For places where that location doesn't make sense, there are racks that can be placed near the other elements of the above ground solar pool heaters or any other spot that might be most ideal. A little research will reveal the best placement.

Using these devices does not necessarily mean that the backyard entertainment will now be a constant hot tub. To the contrary, an on-off switch can be added to be able to control when the above ground solar pool heaters are running. A bit more expensive but perhaps ideal feature could be an automatic thermostat that will keep the pool at the desired temperature consistently.

Above ground solar pool heaters are an excellent answer to adding more hours in the day and more days in the year when family and friends can splash and have fun. The initial installment will need to be budgeted, but after installation, occasional maintenance may be the only worry that comes around occasionally. Not to forget also that going green with above ground solar pool heaters is a great way to preserve the cleanliness and quality of water and air for future generations to enjoy their own swimming and other outdoor fun. Every pool owner should investigate the many options for heating and more often than not, they will choose to use sun power.

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