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Propane Water Heater

As water heaters go, there are generally three types that are most considered. Electric, natural gas, and propane. Most people agree that electric waters are more expensive to run than either natural gas or propane, so the majority of people who have options prefer natural gas or propane to help them cut down on costs.

When looking for a propane water heater, you will need to first figure out what you really need. How much water is needed by your household can determine the size of the tank you will require. It can be hard to decide how big is just right and how big is too big. If you get one that is bigger than you need, you will end up using excess propane to maintain the temperature level, and if you don't need that much hot water, that is not cost effective. There are usually consultants available at home improvement centers or plumbing supply stores that will be able to help you determine what size of tank you really need.

Another way to increase the efficiency of your propane water heater is to use an insulation jacket. The reasoning for this is that heat can escape from the body of the tank as it sits there, so the overall temperature in the hot water heater tends to lower as it sits, so the gas must come back on and heat it back up each time it drops to a certain temperature. By using an insulation jacket, you are helping to hold the heat in so that it stays at a higher temperature for a longer amount of time. These jackets are designed for all sizes of hot water tanks. Just make sure that when you put it in place, you have left the control panel uncovered.

Proper venting of the emissions from the propane water heater can be taken care of through proper installation. This is definitely a safety issue that needs to be addressed when purchasing a propane unit for any purpose. Another safety issue is the temperature of the water. Be sure to keep your temperature settings between 102 and 125 degrees so that there is no danger of anyone in your household getting scalded. Another benefit to turning your temperature down a couple of degrees is that it will save you money over time.

One of the things to consider when looking at a propane water heater is the fact that it will need to receive regular maintenance. This is usually an annual cleaning and inspection that will increase the lifespan of the unit. Propane appliances need to be maintained regularly in order to maintain safety as well as the longevity of the unit. You will also need to consider the type of propane supply you will be using. For instance, if you are using a stationary propane tank that supplies energy to a number of things in your home you will require a different hookup than if you use a standard 20 gallon propane tank. By doing your homework and checking out what you need. You will be able to get the propane water heater that will meet your needs for many years to come.

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