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Propane Space Heaters

Many people are increasingly energy conscious and want to find ways to use less energy and save money at the same time. A new trend in the cooler months is to lower the whole-house thermostat and use space heaters to heat only the rooms being used. By using portable heaters you can also heat up a garage or other small building such as a shed for the time you are using them and want to be comfortable. Depending on whether you use electric heat or gas heat in your home, you may often fell that there is a chill in the air during the cooler months. A propane heater keeps the air around you warm. Propane space heaters are very portable and can do the job for you.

There are many types of propane space heaters that are available out there. Many people like electric heaters, which are good for heating smaller rooms. A disadvantage to the electric heater is that it is prone to being quite hot, so you have to be careful that nothing that will burn comes in contact with it, you should not use it while you sleep, and children should not be alone near an electric heater. Also, the costs of electricity continue to rise, so many people are moving away from this type of portable heater.

Another type of portable heater that uses electricity is a radiant heater. This type of heater heats the air but does not heat itself up. You cannot get burned on a radiant heater. However, these are more for heating up a person who is near it; they do not necessarily do the best job heating the room. The heat comes from infrared rays, like the heat we get from the sun, and these rays heat you up under your skin.

Propane space heaters do not need to use any electricity, so they are less expensive to use. You can use them inside or outside, as per the manufacturer's instructions. The nice thing about their portability is that you can keep a specific room inside the house warm while you are in there and then take the portable heater outside to warm up the patio area.

There are many sizes and types or propane space heaters. Depending on the area you need to warm, you will look at different models. For a large area, you can get the type that uses a 100 gallon tank for the propane. This can be very efficient and do a great job of warming the large room you place it in. It can also be used for smaller rooms, and that way you don't have to refill the tank as often. However, because of its size you may want to invest in smaller units for smaller areas. Besides being less expensive than electric space heaters, propane space heaters give you an advantage if the power goes out due to a storm or other event. With the propane heater, you can still keep warm since it doesn't use electricity. Just be sure to follow the instructions on proper ventilation when using propane space heaters. They can give off carbon monoxide, so good ventilation is vital.

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