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Laars Lite Pool Heater

Do you own a swimming pool or have a spa that needs to stay warm? While most spas have internal heating methods, swimming pools on the other hand take something that requires a little more kick than the average spa heater. For swimming pool owners everywhere, many are turning to the Laars lite pool heater product. What exactly is this product and why is it so popular? The Laars lite pool heater is a great heater for swimming pools and larger spas. There are two different types of Laars lite pool heaters as one uses an external electrical source to generate heat, while the other uses a self contained heat source through the use of natural gas. These systems come with a flex-temp control system for pool and spa combinations or to provide a pre-heat convenience. This device is primarily designed to heat swimming pools and spas, but don't use it as a general service water heater. If you own a salt water pool, no problem! Laars has also created a special pool heater to work with salt water pools in order to keep them warm.

These pool heaters are extremely popular because of the quality that they bring to any pool and spa. These units are considered to be some of the best pool and spa heaters out there, and the manufacturer is proud of their achievement as well as they offer a limited factory warranty. Not only do they offer a warranty, but they ensure that the product has met and passed all California, Oregon, New York, Hawaii and other state requirements that are associated to these types of pool heaters. This means that the pool heaters made by Laars are extremely safe and have many safety mechanisms to make sure that the product shuts off if there are problems within the unit to keep everyone in the pool safe.

Many people have the misconception that this heater actually sits in the pool somewhere. This unit is a standalone unit that usually is found in a pool shed or even within the home in order to properly heat the water from a third party location. This ensures extra safety and better performance than being directly inside the pool. This pool heater hooks up to the main pool water lines in able to heat the water and send it into the pool. The heater is extremely energy efficient and will help to lower the heating bills that you are paying monthly for your pool system. This is another huge reason why this type of pool heater is so popular. People like to save money, and heating a pool can be expensive. The Laars lite pool heater helps to reduce costs through its efficient heating technology.

Having a pool heater that does the job effectively and quickly is a huge asset to any pool or spa. If you have a private pool, or run a large commercial pool facility, it is definitely worth a look at the Laars lite pool heater systems. These systems will provide you with the heat that you need, but also help to save you money through your monthly energy bill.

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