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Hot Dawg Garage Heaters

Do you work in a garage as part of your livelihood, or for fun? Regardless of what the reason is, it is no secret that during the winter months, a garage can get frigid. The main reason for this is because most garages do not have heating systems and most are not built with the same amount of insulation that resides within the walls of the home. Garage walls are typically stripped down to the framing, and most don't even have insulation within them. Not only is the insulation poor in the garage, but the floors are concrete which also get very cold and are not insulated by padding and carpet. So what is a person to do if they work in a garage and want to stay warm?

Well of course they could wear extra warm clothes, but that is not always practical as there is usually work happening in the garage. The answer to getting a warm garage is through the Hot Dawg garage heaters that are out on the market. Hot Dawg has done a great job making a garage heater that really works, and that works well. These heaters take the chill out of the garage or workspace in a manner of minutes. These heaters are residentially certified and are available in all kinds of sizes to work with the area that needs to be heated. So how do these types of heaters work exactly?

The concept is quite simple, but Hot Dawg garage heaters have it down to a science. The heaters consist of coils that heat up using electricity. As the coils get hot enough, a blower will push the air out of the heater which can then quickly heat up a room. There are even some Hot Dawg garage heaters that have reflective surfaces behind the coils to directionally point the heat back into the room. Regardless of which system you buy, the Hot Dawg garage heaters effectively heat up any garage, and they do it fast!

As we mentioned before, the heaters come in many different sizes. The reason for this is because some people have a warehouse to keep warm, while others have a smaller one car garage. The size of the heater makes a big difference as the amount of heat can be scaled up or scaled down depending on what your heating needs are. All of the Hot Dawg heaters are certified, meaning that they have undergone safety testing to reduce the risk of fire or other malfunction. These heaters pack some serious heat into a small little heater. You will be amazed at how much heat even the smallest Hot Dawg garage heater puts out. This means that you can effectively heat your garage and stay warm, while also not hurting your electric bill as the heaters are energy efficient.

If you are working in a cold garage, stop it and get a Hot Dawg Garage Heaters deal at several different retail locations. You can also search online and order through the medium of the internet if you wish. The fact is that Hot Dawg garage heaters are top of the line heating systems for any cold garage working area.

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