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The Efficiency of Gas Heaters

Gas heaters are a wonderful source of heat and can be used both indoors and outside. They may be permanent or portable and sometimes use natural gas, while others use liquefied petroleum gas. Then there are some they use both, giving users a choice. Though other sources of warmth are readily available, not many are as efficient as gas. Though most only think of using heaters inside, when a party or gathering is outside on a patio, they come in handy for keeping guests warm. This in turn keeps a party going without having guests traipse around inside a home or apartment.

In selected portable style gas heaters, it is important that a well-ventilated area is chosen. When in use, it is important that it be on a flat surface and has no room to tip over. There should also be enough space around it so that no one will be burned or nothing will catch fire. Newer heaters come with safety designs that not only alarm when there is a risk of carbon monoxide poison, but also if one falls or tilts, will turn off immediately.

Many of the portable versions come with a liquid propane gas cylinder. Also of note is that should an emergency occur, it is a readily available source of heat, whereas electric versions need energy to operate. Wall versions usually heat by convection or radiant heat. Convection wall heaters are safer, because they do not reflect warmth the way a radiant version will. Convection style is good for families with children that have not quite learned the do not touch lesson.

Non-flue style choices offer little in the way of ventilation. Flue style options are usually permanent, but give up some of the heat in making sure it releases by products into the air. This is to decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Now this is not a concern with electric heaters. Traditionally, fireplaces burned wood as a heat and ambiance source. Now homes and apartments come equipped with gas fireplaces that resemble old style log burning fireplaces. Fireplaces offer a coziness that is missed in homes without. Though they do no offer as much warmth as other gas burning heaters, sitting near it on cooler days with hot cider or cocoa is definitely worth it.

When used to heat water within a home, the choices between gas and electric are often personal. Gas will be less expensive and will heat water at a faster rate than an electric water heater. Gas heaters are a less expensive alternative to electric heaters when used to heat a home. One of the most important decisions in purchasing a smaller heater is insuring the size is correct. Using large gas heaters in a small room is a waste and using smaller ones in a large space is just as ridiculous. The BTUs or British thermal units measure how hot a unit will burn. Keep that in mind when choosing, because the higher the BTUs, the hotter it will burn.

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