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History of Ventless Gas Heaters

Gas heaters have been used for a long time to warm homes and places of business. The first gas heater was created and used in 1881. Since this time gas heaters have certainly changed and are much more efficient and effective at warming the air surrounding them. All gas heaters require a gas line which usually used natural gas or propane to generate the heat that the heater produces.

The history of ventless gas heaters go back several years as manufacturers and engineers came up with an idea to create a more efficient and more effective gas heater. Unlike the traditional vented gas heaters of the time, engineers came up with a way to create a ventless gas heater which proved to be more effective as there was no vent to allow warm air to pass outside. These types of heaters also proved to be much more efficient as they use the oxygen elements that are already present in the room which help to heat up the room much faster.

Since the initial creation of ventless gas heaters, the ventless gas heaters of today are more environmentally friendly than ever and there are several variations that have been created to meet the needs of several applications. Some of these applications include: wall mountable ventless heaters, free standing ventless heaters, built in ventless heaters, ventless gas space heaters, ventless gas stoves, and ventless garage gas heaters. With all of this variation, it is very easy to find a ventless gas heater that will meet the heating needs that you may need as well as being able to heat these areas efficiently. Ventless gas heaters are 99.9% efficient compared to the standard methods of heating. These units will greatly help to keep your home or business warmer for a longer period of time.

The safety of ventless gas heaters has also greatly increased. While there are several safety reports that claim that ventless gas heaters increase the risk of asphyxiation, it is important to understand that regular traditional stoves have actually been shown to be a higher risk. To make sure that your ventless gas heater is working properly, it is very important to read the instruction manuals so that you can ensure the proper installation and maintenance of your ventless gas heating system. These precautions will help to ensure that your ventless system will be working properly and safely to maximize the benefits of this type of heating system to you and your family. As you can see, Ventless gas heaters have come a long way and will continue to provide efficient and effective heat to homes for years to come.

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