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Demand Electric Water Heaters

There are many different kinds of water heaters on the market today. One can find those that use natural gas, propane or electricity. The knowing consumer will demand electric water heaters. If this surprises you, it is because the old style of heaters that used electricity has given all of them a bad rap. While it is true that electricity costs have gone up over the years, one should also understand that these units have increased in efficiency by leaps and bounds.

What are some of the benefits that cause customers to demand electric water heaters? Ease of use is probably the number one consideration here. No other type of water heater is as easy to use as an electric one. Because homes are wired to use electric power, you won't have to run extra cables or pipes or other things to allow you the use of natural gas or propane. If there is no natural gas line in the area, installing one is very expensive just to allow for a gas heater in an existing home.

Another reason that people demand electric water heaters is the safety factor. With both propane and natural gas, certain emissions such as carbon monoxide must be considered. Proper venting is extremely important with these options because if it is not carefully and effectively vented, there could be problems. Needing to add this venting to an existing home can be expensive and time-consuming. With the propane and natural gas models, the danger of explosions or fires is higher than with the electric models. By using an electric unit, one can have fewer dangerous emissions as well as a higher safety rating. Since the safety of your family is often at the top of your priority list, this is one of the best reasons to stick with the electric models.

Electricity is also known to heat water faster than natural gas units. If you will need large amounts of hot water quickly, you may prefer electricity to natural gas. This is especially true if you decide to go with a tankless model. The electricity is able to quickly heat your water on demand.

When deciding on the best way to go, it is important that you determine the size of tank you will need or the size of tankless system you want to use. You will need to understand the flow rate and efficiency ratings of the models you are looking at. Usually, a customer service person at the plumbing store will be able to help you make a good decision and help you understand the differences between models. Remember to demand electric water heaters for the best in safety and efficiency.

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