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Blue Flame Gas Heaters

Blue flame gas heaters are known by this name because they burn with a blue coloured flame. The colour comes from the type of gas being used, natural gas will burn with a blue flame which is quite bright and has a yellowish tinge at the tip. When propane burns it produces a bluish green flame.

These heating appliances are used in many places and for quite a number of different reasons. They may be made as vented units; this means that they have a flue which is very much like a chimney. It is liked often through a wall to the outside where it removes any gases that are produce. They are also made as a vent free unit, meaning the by products are vented into the room. This type is usually suited where there is a reasonable amount of ventilation which can disperse any unwanted buildup.

Most types of blue flame gas heaters often have a sensor which will activate in the event there is any oxygen depletion in the room due to inadequate circulation of air. They often come with a thermostat as well, which will automatically control the temperature of the unit as it begins to heat.

They are usually made in the shape of a square or rectangle and can be a portable apparatus which is able to be moved around into many different rooms. These units are also able to be mounted on a wall as a permanent fixture in the room of a house, such as the lounge or family rooms. They can be suitable for any office type situation.

These heating appliances also come in quite a number of different sizes, from those that are reasonably lightweight and small, which are often the portable type. There is a mid range size some of which have wheels attached to the bottom for easy maneuvering or may be a wall unit. The large style is often set up so that they are attached to or set into walls and has a flue to the outside of the building.

Blue flame gas heaters are used by many different people in many different situations. They are used in homes and are well suited to this application; they are also used in business premises where there is an office or a room where heating needs to be applied for the comfort of workers in cold weather. They are sometimes used in school buildings, colleges or other similar places.

It is always a good idea to have these types of heating units checked by a qualified gas tradesperson or business on a regular basis. This may help to minimize any problems which may occur if something becomes worn or faulty over a period of time. It is suggested that heaters which are flue free should be turned off when sleeping or when shutting a room up, this is because there is the possibility of a buildup of unwanted gases in enclosed spaces.

These units are usually stocked by those businesses that sell different types of heating appliances. They can also be found on the web pages of the internet under business that specialize in gas fired units. They should be installed by a gas fitter who should be fully trained in putting in a permanent apparatus with an outside flue.

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