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Water Heater Gas Versus Electric

One of the most important features of your home is that it has hot water. Hot water allows you to do many different things but some of the most crucial are shower, clean dishes, and cook. The main way to heat water in your home is through a water heater that is usually stored in your furnace room. There are two main types of water heaters available one uses natural gas to heat the water and the other uses electricity. Since there are different kinds of heaters it can be confusing when trying to choose a water heater gas versus electric. Both types of water heaters have benefits and disadvantages so it is important to do some research before going out and buying one for your home.

Water Heaters: gas versus electric Gas Water Heaters

As previously mentioned gas water heaters use natural gas to heat water. A chamber that is filled with water is heated by burning the gas. These types of water heaters have been around much longer than electric heaters since gas was available far before electricity. The main benefit of a gas water heater is energy conservation., since the heating process is gradual there is less energy used. With a gas water heater, the user is also able to control the rate of heating as well as the extent of the heating. One disadvantage of a gas water heater is that they result in a significant amount of pollution. When the gas is burned it puts off a reasonable amount of carbon monoxide that can create a problem if allowed to build up in a home.

Water Heaters: gas versus electric Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are becoming more common because of the convenience that they offer. A copper coil is used to change electric energy into heat energy. The main advantage of these electric water heaters is that they are able to heat water very quickly and can reach very hot temperatures. These heaters contribute to pollution in an indirect way.

When you are in the debate water heater gas versus electric you will want to find the facts on which will work better in your home. Do some research online so you can find the model that will fit your needs. Try to find reviews from people that have the models that you are considering so you know how well the unit performs for other people. Rind a reputable retailer either online or in your area that can help you install your water heater in your home.

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