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Storage Water Heaters

If you have a water heater, chances are that it is a storage water heater. These are the most common types that you will find in most homes. Water heaters play an important role in your home so if yours is too old and rusty, it's time to get a new one. There are many options when it comes to buying a water heater but you will generally find that the most economical choice will be a storage water heater. Be sure to do your homework so that you know if you are making a purchase that will be right for your family.

One of the first things to consider when buying a storage water heater is the size of your family. Depending on how many people will be using hot water at any given time can help you determine how large of a storage water heater that you want to purchase. Another factor to take into consideration is the available space that you have designated for your storage water heater. Knowing where it's going in your home can help you decide on the size. A storage water heater is the most common type and most homeowners find it the best choice. There are several models to choose from when picking a storage water heater. Different models include liquid propane, natural gas, and electric. If you want to conserve energy there is always the option of an LP or natural gas water heater. These options are also cost effective as compared to the electric storage water heaters.

The tank size is another important consideration when choosing a storage water heater. One way to figure the needed tank size for your family is to consider how many people will be living in the home and using hot water. Generally it is acceptable to assume that for 2 people, you can choose the 30-40 gallons storage tank; 3 people = 40 gal; 4 people = 40-50 gal; and for 5 or more people, you will need 50-80 gallons.

Determine where in your home you are going to install your storage water heater. The space dimensions where you will put the water heater will dictate how large of a tank you can have. If you plan to get a bigger tank you may need to find a new location for your storage water heater or you may need to change the plumbing. If you live in a small condo or townhome you may be able to get away with a small storage water heater with smaller tanks. These are often times also referred to as mobile home or utility water heaters.

When shopping for water heaters don't forget to look for different options and features on storage water heaters such as heater stands, heater pans, water alarms, tank expanders, pressure regulator, timers, and insulating blankets. Getting the best storage water heater for you does not need to be hard. You can purchase them online or in local stores. Do your research and shop wisely. It's also always a good idea to try and shop around first to get the best deal.

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