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State Industries Gas Water Heaters

If you have been looking at State Industries gas water heaters, then you know that this company is one of the top manufacturers of both residential and commercial waters. They actually have over 500 different water heater products. They are on the leading edge of technology as they work for better product longevity and have been producing gas water heaters since the 1950s.

When you look at the State Industries gas water heaters that are designed for residential use, you will find a number of different product lines. For instance, the "Premier" line is a self-cleaning water heater that is very efficient and is easy to install. It is revolutionary in keeping itself clean and relatively free from sediment deposits. The "Select" product line has models that are highly efficient and models that produce a very high output. There are different types of venting options that are also available such as the standard vent, the power vent, the direct vent, and the power direct vent options. This means that whether you need horizontal or vertical venting, you can find a water heater that works with your requirements.

When you move to the "Scout" models of State Industries gas water heaters, you find water heaters that are only used in manufactured housing and meet all of the HUD requirements. The "On-Demand" is the newest line and uses "tankless" technology which provides hot water when you need it. These have different BTU ranges and offer high efficiency and excellent flow rates.

The State Industries gas water heaters for commercial use, you will find the very efficient Ultra Force models that are actually 96% thermal efficient so that your business will save on your energy bills. The self-cleaning "Sandblaster" series was revolutionary in the methods used to keep the sediment from settling in the tank. This means that it is more energy efficient and clean. Considered one of State's toughest heaters, the "Titan" series is all about dependability whether you go with the large volume burner or the regular one.

Since a water heater is a very important appliance in both the home and in commercial settings, you want to be assured that the model you have chosen is the one that you truly need to do the job at hand. You want to be able to depend on the heat of the water and on the functionality of the entire unit. Whether your need is for high output or high efficiency or both, you can count on the State Industries gas water heaters to do the job right.

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