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Schwank Gas Heaters

When you are looking for a gas heater for your home or business, you will be looking at a variety of brands so that you can determine which one will do the job you need well and for the best value. This is why you need to look at the Schwank gas heaters. Schwank gas heaters use a heavy duty industrial design for commercial projects. However, this heavy duty design has also been specially adapted so that it can be used in residential settings as well. You may be interested to know that these heaters are different from the ordinary heaters you may be expecting.

For instance, the tube heater models of the Schwank gas heaters use gas to produce radiant heat that is even and warms people where they are, as opposed to forced air that inevitably rises to the ceiling where no one can feel its warmth. These tubes are designed in such a way that they are sealed. This is quite different from a standard furnace where the flame is open so if someone were to get into the furnace room they could potentially be burned by the open flame. In addition, there is not pilot flame because the ignition is electronic and is controlled by an automatic thermostat. All of this comes in a fixture that is very quiet to operate and saves money over electrical heating systems.

While the tube-style Schwank gas heaters are considered indirect fired, there are also some direct fired heaters that radiate energy from a ceramic tile that has been heated by gas flames. These are also energy efficient and come in a range of models to meet different budgets and sizes of rooms. You can also find that there are a number of specialty heaters for places such as patios, garages, workshops and decks.

It is important to you that the areas where you work and reside are properly heated during the cool months of the year. Many people like the Schwank gas heaters because they work in specific spaces so that you don't have to run central heating just to heat one room. They can be very economical as far as initial costs, and they are designed to be energy efficient so that you will see a definite savings on your yearly energy bills. Safety is also a priority, and radiant heat is one of the safest types of heat. By understanding a little about this type of heater, you can make a better decision as to whether it is the right kind for you.

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