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Natural Gas Water Heater

Hot water is something we often take for granted. We use it to cook and clean, to bathe and wash. Do we even remember the old days when water had to be heated on a stove and then added to a tub of cold water to make it warm? However, when we find ourselves without hot water, we suddenly remember how important it is to us. If the time has come to replace your old water heater, you might be wondering which type is going to be the best for you. There are many different models and even fuel sources. You can look at electric, natural gas, propane or solar. You can look at vented or ventless or even tankless. Today, let's look at the natural gas water heater.

The natural gas water heater is the most popular style of water heater used in the United States today. It can be relatively easy to maintain and repair. Do you know how a water heater works? At the top of the water tank are two feed pipes, one to feed cold water in and the other to feed hot water back out to your taps. There is a pilot light that is accessed from the control box on the front side of the tank. This pilot light automatically ignites the heating element when it gets a signal letting it know that the temperature has dropped below a set point. There is a pipe that runs through the center of the tank. This pipe is heated and transfers its heat to the water that surrounds it. A hood usually covers the top. Clean air entering near this hood feeds oxygen to the burner. When the water temperature reaches the upper set point, the burner turns off and waits until it is needed again.

You will need to determine how much water your household requires when you are looking at a natural gas water heater. An average sized tank holds 40 gallons of water. However, if you have multiple people in your home who will place a demand on the hot water needs of your unit, you may require a larger unit. A customer service specialist at your local home improvement store or plumbing supply store is usually available to answer your questions and help you determine how large a tank you will need without going overboard.

A natural gas water heater can save you money over its electrical counterpart. Electricity is much more expensive than gas in most parts of the country. Another way to help save money is to get an insulation jacket for your natural gas water heater. This will reduce heat loss from the actual body of the tank. With this reduction in heat that escapes from the outside of the tank, the water in the tank will stay hotter longer, and will not need to be heated up so frequently. This will save you additional money on your monthly utility bills. If you do a little research and make some comparisons, you will soon be able to find the natural gas water heater

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