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Electric Above Ground Pool Heater

There are three main types of ways to heat a pool and they are through gas power, solar energy, or the most commonly used, electricity. In the electric category there is the original means which is by coils throughout the pool that heat the water or a newer innovation known as a heat pump. All three types of systems have both advantages and disadvantages and it is worth a consumer's time to consider each.

A gas heater can be expensive to install, but relatively cheap to run. A solar system cost practically nothing after installation, but can take up a lot of space and is only useful when the sun is actually shining. Depending on which version of electric above ground pool heater is used and also how often can make a big difference in the cost to heat a pool for an entire extended swimming season.

Overall, the geothermal heat pump is probably the best deal for the installation, future costs, and reliability. They take up little space, once they are running they use very little electricity, and they can be used in any weather. Maintenance is relatively easy. Besides all of the previous, their method of collecting warm air and converting it into heat is quite efficient, as well as fascinating. There are quite a few good reasons that this technology is becoming the preferred electric above ground pool heater.

One final yet extremely important reason consumers are choosing heat pumps for their pools and elsewhere are that these innovations are part of the green movement. These truly are a source of sustainable energy that relies very little on fossil fuels and its efficiency creates a low impact on the environment. With all those qualities available for an electric above ground pool heater, buyers can hardly go wrong.

No matter what method for heating a pool is chosen, it should always be supplemented with the use of a pool cover. This will trap in already generated heat when the pool is not in use making the active system have to work less. Another advantage of using a pool cover all the time is keeping debris out, so less time will have to be devoted to cleaning. Another consideration to get the most out of pool heating strategies could be to combine two different systems. Solar panels could be relied on mid-summer when long sunny days are guaranteed. Then when the days become shorter and perhaps cloudier, an electric above ground pool heater can be switched on to prolong the days of fun and relaxation by and in the water.

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