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Antique Gas Heater Parts

Gas heaters were invented to help heat homes. Many people like the charm that these heaters bring into the home as well as they appreciate the heat that is put out by them. However, if you own one of these older heaters, you may wonder if you can even get antique gas heater parts if you have an issue with you heater. In fact there are a number of places that specifically cater to people who prefer these antique heaters and carry many parts that will work as replacements. In fact, many of these same companies also deal in the original heaters if you are looking for something like that for your home.

As you think of some of the different antique gas heater parts that may need replacement, one of the first things you may consider would be the different knobs. Knobs are often one of the first things to wear out or to break. If you have an antique heater, then you certainly don't want to get a modern replacement knob if you have one that is no longer functional or that is missing. Instead, you will want to search online for knobs that will match your heater and fit where the old one used to go.

Another of the antique gas heater parts that may need replacement is the pilot. You can find pilots that work with very specific models as well as those that will work with a number of different models. By searching on your brand and model, you should be able to find a new pilot that works with your heater.

Many of the older heaters used regulators, which are very important if you want to keep your antique heater in working condition. You can also find these online from reputable dealers in antique gas heater parts.

One of the most important parts of your heater is the radiant. There are many different brands, so you will need to be sure that you look for replacement radiants for the brand and model heater that you have. Some of these are interchangeable, but others are very specific and will not fit any other radiant. If you are looking for valves, reflectors, orifices or other parts, it is nice to know that you won't have to take your heater to the dump just because it is no longer working. You can search online and find exactly what you are looking for in antique gas heater parts that will fit your older heater and get it up and running so that it can do its job again.

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