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About Ventless Gas Heaters

Ventless gas heaters are one of the most controversial types of gas heaters in the market today. This is primarily due to the fact that there are certain segments of the market that believe ventless gas heaters are actually more harmful than helpful. One thing, however, is certain. These heaters are becoming more and more popular with many people switching over to these sorts of heaters from conventional forms of heaters or fireplaces. Owing to the stark increase in the popularity and the controversial nature of these types of heaters, the following is an ‘all you need to know' guide on ventless gas heaters.

What Are Ventless Gas Heaters?

These are heaters that operate on gas and whose Unique Selling Point (USP) is that they do not have vents, and hence neither do they draw fresh air from outside nor release emissions outside. These types of gas heaters have been banned by some states as they are believed to be harmful to the user. Another fact as to why these types of heaters are gaining popularity is the good fuel efficiency that they offer. The fuel efficiency of these heater systems can go up to 99.9 percent.

What Are Their Advantages?

There are many advantages of ventless gas heaters. Many people choose such heaters for the following varied properties.

•  The primary advantage of these types of gas heaters is that they provide a fuel efficiency of 99.9 percent.

•  Their efficiency levels result in a major reduction in fuel expenses for the user. This means that the volatility of the fuel market does not affect him or her to the extent that happens with conventional gas heaters.

•  Furthermore, these same efficiency levels have lead to such types of gas heaters to be considered highly environment friendly.

•  The ventless and highly efficient property of these types of gas heaters allow for better heating for the user as no heat is lost. In the case of conventional gas heaters, a good deal of heat is lost through their vents.

•  There is a whole array of ventless gas heaters available in the market. Some examples include stand alone versions, wall mounted versions, gas log

versions, blue flame versions, radiant versions, etc.

What Are The Disadvantages?

There are no inherently harmful disadvantages of ventless gas heaters. However, some misconceptions do prevail among the masses. As a matter of fact, most of the well known harmful effects of these types of gas heaters are nothing but cases of bad maintenance and usage of the product. The following are some.

•  One of the misconceptions is that ventless gas heaters cause asphyxiation. This can only be possible if there is not enough ventilation in the room where the gas heater is installed.

•  The second misconception is also linked to the ventilation system of the room where the device is installed. Some people believe that carbon monoxide levels can rise to harmful levels and be particularly damaging. However, the carbon monoxide levels will never accumulate to dangerous levels in a room which is properly ventilated. Furthermore, it should be noted that all forms of combustion result in carbon monoxide emissions and in the case of conventional fireplaces the levels are much higher than gas heaters.

•  One of the genuine complaints pertaining to ventless gas heaters is that their usage results in increased levels of humidity in the room. This is a real side effect, but should be countered easily with proper ventilation.

•  The biggest and most genuine disadvantage of ventless gas heaters is that they require higher maintenance than conventional heaters. This is true for the owner of the device as well as the professional who services it. In fact, in the case of some models, the servicing of the device is not even possible at home and can only be done at the service center, workshop, or factory.

What Are The Different Types Available?

 There are many types of ventless gas heaters in the market which provide different advantages and benefits to the user. The following are some of the different types available.

•  Wall Mounted:

These are units that are mounted on a wall and are advised not to be moved. It should be noted that these are highly inappropriate for small walls.

•  Freestanding:
These types of heaters do not require to be attached to any wall and can be stood separately like any other furniture. The flaw with these types is that they occupy floor space and resultantly knocked over.

•  Display Variety:

There is a whole spectrum of ventless gas heaters available in the market and each one of them gives a different feel and look to the user.

Portable Gas Heaters: Handy and Efficient Heating Option

Portable gas heaters have risen in popularity thanks to its main beneficial feature of portability, besides being one of the cheapest and cleanest heating options. Heaters become the great sought-after equipment when winter season touches its peak. In extreme cold regions, staying warm during the winter days is a real challenge. Portable gas heaters are considered to be one of the best ways to keep house warm and livable.

A Brief Historic Account of Gas Heaters

The first gas heater was made available to the public in the year 1856 by the English company Pettit and Smith . In 1881, British engineer Sigismund Leoni came up with a new gas heater design, which included a structure made of asbestos. This is said to be the first successful gasfire. Both these models were based on the principles of the ‘Bunsen burner', where heated air spreads by means of convection. Modern gas heaters are based on the radiant heat technology where heat is not spread through convection. Radiating heat into the surrounding atmosphere is the basic principle of modern gas heaters.

Reasons for the Popularity of Portable Gas Heaters

Most households prefer portable gas heaters above other methods like electric heaters and wood stoves in cold environments . When people decide to buy heaters, the size, price, and safety are some of the most important factors that they take into consideration. Portable gas heaters emerge as a clear winner in these attributes and many others.

Compatible and Space-Efficient: Portable gas heaters are small and compatible in size, and can conveniently be positioned in any room you desire to heat. As it dos not eat away a sizeable amount of space in any room, it causes less trouble in terms of repositioning the existing things in the room or finding a special space for the new equipment.

Portability: Since these are portable, they help in heating up the required room, rather than the entire house. The equipment is lightweight, adding to the portable characteristic. The equipment can be stowed away when not in use.

Energy-Efficient and Environment-Friendly: Portable Gas Heaters consume less energy compared to the other heating options. Less energy consumption also means that they are eco-friendly and do not worsen the already rising issue of global warming. It helps in reducing heating costs associated with central heating systems, since it heats up only the specific area.

Natural gas does not leave any harmful residue and ensures a less polluted environment. Odorless operation is an additional benefit. The commonly available ventless design of the gas heaters also contributes to the eco-friendly aspect, in addition to making it easier to install. Ventless design increases efficiency and is designed to be safe. So, in this winter season, don't forget to warm yourselves with portable gas heaters that are handy and economical.

Choosing the Right Heater for Your Garage

There are different kinds of garage heaters available in the market, depending on the fuel sources such as propane, natural gas, and electric power. Each garage heaters has its pros and cons.

Electric Garage Heaters: Most people opt for them since electric garage heaters do not require a vent, even though they cost more than gas-fired garage heaters. Electric heaters operate quietly and are easy to install without any need to install a gas line or flue. They just require an electric output.

The most important demerit of these garage heaters are that their cost of operation is very high since electricity is expensive. Electric heater is preferred in case you are planning to use garage heater only occasionally.

Gas Garage Heaters: These are like small furnaces. Their operation produces a loud noise when gas combusts in the heat exchanger . In the case of an attached garage, these heaters will cause irritating sound vibrations to the attached dwelling spaces. Since it is an energy-saving electric appliance, natural gas and propane heaters can be beneficial in the long run. Gas garage heaters are considered to be the best heating option since they are durable and long lasting, besides being energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Natural gas and propane are clean fuels that produce the lowest harmful emissions without any residue.

Nowadays, ventless models of different varieties are available, helping to do away with much of the untidy and cumbersome procedure of installing vents. Ventless heaters are available as wall-mountable as well as free standing models, which can be customized into the room structure.

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